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Never give up hope!


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When I was 16 years old my mom finally told me that the father I had thought was Dead was very much alive. She had kept him from having any contact with me for very foolish and selfcentered reasons. I also was the victum of child abuse from members of my mom'a side of the family. Never a good sceen.

For 37 years I have prayed and looked to reconnect with him. Well lo an behold in Septemner I came home turned on the computer and went to my fb account and a Frank ----- wants to be friends! He is my half-brother!

We have had many phone conversations sense and for the first time in my life I got roses my first present from him ever for my birthday!

This Friday I will fly to Florida to meet him for the first time and spend my first holiday this Thanksgiving with him!

I tell you all this to let you know that dreams do come true folks! Keep the faith!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Gail, while I wholeheartedly agree with the good luck sentiments expressed here, I feel I would be remiss if I did not tell you to be very careful. I sincerely hope and pray that your dream will come true!! Evidently, you have spent many years wishing on many stars...this is for you!!

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