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I am a free-lance writer.

The book that I had written some part was published in Japan last week.

"Local Power" (CHIIKI-JIKARA" publisher Koudansya).


What should you do to activate the provinces economies and local living?

It interviews 50 people such as the introduction of the approach of the enterprise that has succeeded in the provinces and the shopping street, scholars, and researchers.

I wrote some of the part.

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Congratulations and much success, Aventurine! I hope this is only the first in a long line of writings you have published. I am very happy for you and proud of you. Rob cool

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CONGRATS, AVENTURINE! or should I say, Eliza. :-)


I thought him to be a very nasty and mean at the first time.

He starts suddenly discussing the Japanese responsibility about second world war, and sarcasm "Why Can 't The English?"

At that time, I thought "Just You Wait".

However, I know his sincerity now. LuvLove

BTW,I wrote some books(as one of the writer) and so many atricles. But I'm not famous and rich. I'm just an freerance-writer for now.Then it's surely challenging.

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