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I wish to express my gratitude


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Maybe some of you will know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And I had a breast conserving surgery 3 weeks ago.

I'm sorry I haven’t told about the operation for a long time. Because doctor said it might has the operation again according to the result of the inspection.

The operation ended easily. There was no pain and scar is not so bad.

However, after I had left hospital, I’ve got frustrated and little scared till today. The result of a detailed inspection was not told.

Then, I knew it.

Fortunately it hasn’t spread to other organs!!!!

I am satisfied with it.

I started the radiation therapy and the hormonal treatment.

I wish to express my gratitude for someone who worried and encouraged me. :thanx:

Especially for Diane.

She encouraged me so many times when I was in the darkest hour. I will cherish her thoughtfulness. :thanx:

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I’m so happy the prognosis is good that I actually have tears in my eyes !! I know all too well the fear you felt. Radiation is not an easy road, but stay positive, eat healthy and get plenty of rest and you’ll get through this. You have to be stronger than the disease. You have a great support system right here. And you always know that I’m only an email away if you need me !!
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Aventurine, you are such a beautiful soul. I am sorry I didn't know about your ordeal. I would have wanted to support you through it.

I am so HAPPY that your results are so great! You are strong and wonderful, to have gone through this and borne it by yourself. Diane also did the same with hers. You are both absolutely SHINING examples of strength and courage, not to mention beauty of spirit. I am so glad you had Diane for support.

She will be an absolute mainstay through your treatment. She went through hers with the strength of Hercules. I will keep you in my prayers, as I have kept Diane every night, and you will get through your treatments with a positive outcome.

God bless you, Aventurine.

:)--Love, heartpump Dar

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Thank you sweet twin ladies and Darlene!

Missm send me a PM before. She said that.

“The people on the board are truly very kind and good hearted people who care.â€

Exactly right!

I’m so happy to be here when I was painful.

Diane, Thank you for your e-mail.

Due to a computer problem, I have been unable to send e-mail. I’m fine!

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