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Whats for Dinner???


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Meatloaf, Fresh green beans cooked with new redskin potatoes and yellow squash. I also tried a recipe for "glorified cabbage casserole"...everyone loved it!

And for dessert...Frozen chocolate peanut butter cups (similar to a peanut butter pie with an Oreo crust, fluffy peanut butter filling, and chocolate glaze on top). :liplick:

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Burgers,veggie burgers,potato salad, green salad, fruit and cheese platter,all veggie sushi.

Two different very fun friends are bringing appetizers - who knows what they will come up with spin !

Oceans of beer and wine chilling, the cocktail of the night is a Salty dog and a cheese cake for king Bill's birthday cake.

Playlist is made, I'm dressed and ready for the quests to arrive at 7:30ish. There will be 10-12 of us ,drop by if you can! I have plenty of towels so bring your swimsuit !

Are you cooking or going out for dinner tonight ?

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well good lord chile....that sounds mighty appetizing..the old lady is invited..right? smile

and a very happy birthday to bill

cant say whats for supper here cause its almost 6 pm

and i havent even done breakfast yet... been packing and cleaning...couldnt find a pot or pan if i tried

maybe a mater sammich later spin

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my yunguns here today..spectin sunday dinner..so if jethro ever catches that hen he's been chasin all morning , whose name btw,

is "sunday dinner" wink...the menu will be



mashed taters

greens beans ( cook em down to the grease girls)

home canned cranberry sauce


buttermilk pie


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I didn't feel very much like cooking tonight but didn't want to get dressed to go out either.

Thank the Lord for whoever makes those bagged prepared salads.

We had chicken I just threw on the grill on a Caesar salad

it looked fancier with parmesan cheese shaved in big curls (he'll never know I didn't fuss)!

And just sliced peaches for dessert

Have you had the wonderful peaches this year?

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