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RIP Lisa Blount and James MacArthur!

Tony Cartmill

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I think it is because we are first generation to grow up with "FAST FOOD" chains. Not like our parents who would eat at a diner or restaurant. How come a lot of our children have food allergies? I don't recall any of my friends having them.

I agree Robyn, the food you eat has alot more to do with your overall health than you think, The research is out there, its fascinating what you can find.

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My wife is big on the artificial things we eat as a cause for most of our problems... chief among them is high fruitcose corn syrup and the artificial sweetners they put in diet soda's... and I gotta tell you, when I stay off of those things I feel a whole hell of a lot better...

We also need to note that there has been so much genetic engineering of our food supply that we are being forced to digest and process things that our body was not designed to... therefore we have to undergo changes to adapt to the diet we choose to eat... for the sake of convenience and to save a few minutes and cents we in a sense are mutating ourselves into something different than what our forefathers were...

Add to that all the drugs and vaccines we are being given for no other reason than to pump up the profits of the pharmaceutical companies... we're sort of a cross between lab rat and "cash cow"... frown

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