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Halloween...is it Global?


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Okay, it's me again with a question (again). Is Halloween celebrated outside of the U.S on 10/31? I know in Mexico they celebrate "Dia De Los Muertos" and (I think) in England they celebrate "Guy Fawkes Day". Other than that I know nothing and would like to be enlightenend. Thanks!! happy

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Halloween came to be well known by the movie 'E.T.' or 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' in Japan. The disguise parade and "trick or treat" have been done since the 1990's.

However, in Japan, it has not “religious meaningâ€. Just enjoys it as a "Seasonal event" in the foreign country.

I decorated the illumination and articles of the Jack-O lanterns in my house. My daughter invites many friends to the costume party every year. though it doesn't do to our regret this year .

I also carve Jack-O lanterns. It is easy to carve when a little warming it with the microwave oven.

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I deeply appreciate all of the answers to my question thus far. Belle, my maternal great-great-grandmother came to the U.S. as a result of the potato famine and my entire family is well aware that St. Patrick's day was celebrated as a "religious" holiday in Ireland until recently. I don't think Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, but Halloween...well...it just might squeek in.

j Yes halloween candy can be addictive. Especially if candy is your thing!! happy

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MissM. Halloween has only been celebrated here for about the last 10 years, an even now it's not all that popular.

We do however celebrate Guy Fawkes Night which is Nov. 5th.

It is in commemoration of "The Gunpowder Plot" which took place in London in 1605 when a band of Catholic rebels tried to blow up the British Houses of Parliament. It was an attempt to remove James 1st (a protestant) and put a Catholic Monarch on the Throne again.

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