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I need to apolgize


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Hello All!

I used to post here as just Wickedgail and just seemed to fall off the face of the earth. I need to explain why.

When Tommy died he left me with nothing but trouble. I was facing two law suits and was in finanical ruin. Sometime in Decenber of '07 I just lost it. I had a full fledged nervous breakdown. I became a recluse in my house and just stopped communicating with the world. I fell into a depression I had never known that it could exist.

On the 13th of May "08 I tried to end my life. I was found a few days latter. My lettercarrier caled the PD when my mail started to pile up. Do to the good care I recieved at a local hospital, I survived. I am well on my way to recovery and getting back on my feet.

In the haze I am sure I hurt some people here an I am truly sorry. I will only come back and post here again if you want me to. If not thank you for being my cyber friends when I needed it. And the weekend at Bernie's '07 was a highlight of my life. I love and bless you all!


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Hey Gail,

Great to see you again!

Sorry to hear about your rough stretch. Please know that you are more than welcome here and you are among friends.

I remember that you were excited to meet up with a bunch of us at the last show in CA - or was it Cleveland, and all of a sudden you were gone.

Weekend at Bernie's V was an amazing event! smile

Welcome back,


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I think this is the best time to come back, Gail.

There is so much going on, now.

You'll notice that Billy is starting a solo career music perfomance tomorrow in Chicago.(That's on the 'Come Around And See Me' Threads- My Tribute To Jim, Wally, & Dave).

Great debates, people putting you tube music videos up.

Advice, sharing, poems, jokes. Sometimes speaking in other languages. I'm one of them.

And yes, the joys and sorrows that others have experienced.

Glad you're back. Don't worry, we'll get you laughing sooner or later.

And don't forget movies for great therapy, too. They help people to laugh and cry.

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