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Who's your favorite mix of "Hot and Shy" Star...


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I was trying to put a photo up of Royal Pains star, Reshma Shetty. I saw her in Star Magazine, August 21, 2010. She also has Opera training. Photo is the third row down and farthest on the right, in the blue. She is of Asian Indian Heritage.


Oh, who else now? I would say Monica Cruz, Penelope Cruz. Monica stands in for some scenes for her sister Penelope in the Pirates Of The Carribean Movie, I read. Set for release about May, 2011. My friend who lives Spain told me that he has seen Monica sometimes in the celebrity magazines there.

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Ohhh, Elle!

Okay, okay...

But, are They Shy? smilie

Here another fav shy-lovely Richard Gere ( I really love shy guys )

"GERE'S CHILDHOOD SHYNESS CHICAGO star RICHARD GERE was so shy as a child, he's convinced his parents were unsure if he could speak at all. He was growing up, he was "painfully" shy and couldn't bear even the idea of having to speak to people..."


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