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I was a goody-goody. So my freshman year in college I decided I would become "sophistocated." I didn't know if I would like smoking so I didn't want to buy a pack of cigarettes. I asked several people for one and went up to my dorm room to try to learn to inhale, not to mention try to learn to French inhale, all on the same night.

What a mistake. I didn't give myself enough "breathing time" between tries. I was SO nauseous I never tried it again. On one occasion, though, when I wanted to look sophistocated, I donned black patterned hose, rather high heels and walked around with a lit cigarette which I occasionally puffed on, but didn't inhale. That act sufficiently impressed the gentleman it was aimed at, but I didn't have to repeat it to sustain the impression.

Then came the 70s. My then boyfriend was into pot. I tried it and hated the sore throat it gave me. The silliness was kinda fun, though. And the taste of ice cream--ANY kind of ice cream--was spectacular. However, one batch was angel-dusted and I had such a bad trip on that I never tried it again, and even retired my roach clip earrings.

Back to goody-goody...well, almost.


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I love tobacco. I like smoking opium or crack more than tobacco but they were beginning to interfere with my jogging.

That is truly funny!! At any rate, I did smoke for 12 years and then gave it up for 11 and then took it back up this past summer!! Am I sorry. HELL NO... I am part of a dying breed!! LOL. Yep, people judge smokers of tobacco, but not crackheads so much!! Gee, it's funny but I can drive down the road (if I smoked in my cars)and smoke a full pack of cigs and not kill anyone but me. However, just let me get behind the wheel with a bottle (or two)of Patron and down it (or them)....and wait and see how many people would get to the other side with me.

Enough of the smoking "hypocracy"...as long as the Gov can make money on it, it will be okay (think alcohol prohibition or the "numbers game" which is now the "Lottery" in most states - both are now legal and the states and Feds get their cuts). If some people don't like it they should not do it. Gee, I tolerate "stupid" people every day and yet there is no group advocating their "regulation" (read demise). Oh and my reason for smoking at any time in my life was never to be "cool" (when one is born that way you don't have to). My reason is very Bill Clinton like...because I could and I can!! LOL

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I have never smoked cigs or pot...Like Wendy, I was a "Good Girl", when I met my Hubby at age 22..He corrupted me...He was a "bad" boy, but I still never smoked cigs or pot, I told the Hubby he had to give up the pot if we were going to have a relationship...He did,He gave up drinking too even though I didn't ask him to.

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Wow, Shelley!! Congratulations on being a "Good Girl". I have no idea of what that must be like and, in fact, it kind of scares me!! Just the same I'm glad you avoided the vices of smoking and drinking. More cigs and booze for the rest of us!! haha

Shelley, you know I love you and you rock!

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