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John Lennon Movie 'Nowhere Boy'


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It was originally shown in Britain a year ago, according to an article. It was nominated for two awards there.

The movie starts at 1955, before John went to Hamburg. It shows what influenced John and his writing. Later, apparently, he had abandonment issues that shaped some of his songs, the article said.

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Haven't been on the site in a while, but knew that Nowhere Boy would encourage a posting by me. What a great film, heard it was actually filmed in Liverpool, has that authentic look, much on par with Backbeat released a few years back. The young man who played John really nailed it.

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The film was filmed in Liverpool, rosi. The film's director is a conceptual atist-turned-director, according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

Yes, andiemay, that's him. Different look in the movie. The photo in the newspaper shows him with a cigarette in his mouth, glasses(not the round ones). And his hairstyle in the movie looks like it did come from the 1950's. Combed back, with a wavy curl at the front. For the era or time of the film, 1955.

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I saw the movie yesterday.

It is a first premiere day in Japan!!!!

It was introduced, "Suffered about John having been loved by two mothers".

I thought it is wrong.

It was John's "Sense of loss" and "Desire for love" to be drawn here.

I wrote about Yoko Ono in other thread. She isn’t sexually attractive and she is not beautiful. However her heart filled with "Motherhood" or “ motherly loveâ€(I don’t know how do you say this in English .It is a typical Japanese wemen’s character).

Cause he felt charm to Yoko…. I guess so.

Moreover, it was drawn here the excitement of boys who started the band.

When I saw the movie, it reminds me of Eric. He might also have spent such a youth days. LuvLove

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