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After Eric quoted a line from this stellar song, I was reminded of the magnificent "Bridge Over Troubled Water" album. My older sister used to play the album relentlessly. She was my sister and I's caregiver when my parents were working. So, while they were at work, our home was transformed into a teenager's music utopia! I was only in first grade when the album was released, but the magical beauty of it will be forever ingrained in my memory. They don't make 'em like this one anymore:

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raspathens said:

You all could work out hand signals.

How much do you bench now?

A stenuous weight workout is actually very aerobic and nothing could be better for your bones.

It's all about isolation.

You are 100% correct. Combo aerobic/anaerobic, in bursts, over a period of time with either weights, or bodyweight movements..is optimal! Minimal time but maximum gain! I'd advise all people our age to lift weights..ESPECIALLY women, per raspathens' advice...for bone density!

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"Two words of advice while working with your trainer........"Baggy Shorts"!"

Hahaha! Definitely!

One hour today. Back and triceps. I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow, maybe chest and biceps. Thursday is the dreaded "leg" day.

It's never really a chore to go see April. She's tough, though. But she's also the best trainer I've ever had.

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angelina said:

I'd advise all people our age to lift weights..ESPECIALLY women, per raspathens' advice...for bone density!

First off, sorry for hijacking this thread, elle...that was not my intention...but I do have a question for "Booyah" himself.

Hey John,

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I feel that I'm not.

I like being "soft." I don't want to be able to take a "man down." I want HIM to take ME down.


I want my body to be feminine. I want to have a firm but supple stomach, I want and have lean thighs, I like that, and I'm sorry, I want my breasts. It took me until I was 15 years old to get them, (I was a really late bloomer), and I am not gonna give them up because I lift weights.

My trainer is ok with me not lifting weights. I use weights for my stomach work out, but not my arms, or behind or anything else. I do not want to look like a linebacker. lol

Maybe it's me, but I have always thought men like "curvy and soft." I refuse to wear "Mom jeans", but I also refuse to look like a guy because I am lifting weights.

Your thoughts and I do appreciate your input.

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missm said:

News Flash - If you don't want to look like a man when lifting weights...don't use anabolic steroids!! Also keep a little thing in mind called 'BONE DENSITY" weight lifting helps with that!! ;)

Miriam...I use the treadmill..thats the ONLY exercise I do...call me an exercise Flunkey, but I still look good in low rise jeans..no "muffin top" :D

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