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Original "Boats" vs Definitive "Boats"

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Dave, you are so right! It's just a sad reality when the artist's input/opinion is so grossly disregarded. Eric's concise post on the subject sounded angry and hurt. It's a shame that Eric was thwarted as often as he was; if people were more collaborative with him, just imagine the creative output we could have enjoyed.

Argh! Poor, poor Eric. Sometimes all this pity we throw Eric's way drives me nuts. I've never felt sorry for Eric and I never will. I've loved his music...and always will. But all this messin' with perfection, and Eric's always getting screwed stuff is silly! I've never gotten onto Eric's 'woe is me' bandwagon, but I still love the guy and his music. The fact that his music got tweaked, the band got pigeon-holed, he got totally f'ed by producers and labels, etc, etc etc are all part of the business he chose to go into!! If he didn't like it, he could've left years ago. But he DOES like it...and thank God he does. His music helped shape all of our lives. As he himself once said "Take it or Leave It". He didn't leave it....so let's all get off our pity pots and take it...even if it has 62 Ray Coniff singers in the background.

(I probably shouldn't post after a half a bottle of really good red wine.)


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I understand EC's preference, and I too love the original over the "Definitive" version, but... I suspect that had I heard the Definitive first, those positions could be reversed. I'd been a fan and an addict to the original version for what? 20 years or so when the D-C came out?

The biggest crime of the entire debacle was when Clive shoved the alternate version down the throat of DJ's after the original failed to charge up the charts (when released right before Christmas...) Gotta think if the original had been sent out there right after the holidays... in January, leading up to Valentine's Day maybe... and there was no confusion with the alternate version being shipped... radio stations would have played the hell out of it... it would have sold rapidly... and we'd have been treated to our favorite song at the top of the charts... and considered a classic by far more than those who haunt this site...

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