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About John Denver???


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...plots or doubts of John Denver's death. Please tell me what meaning is it????

I did a little research for you and found a much-disputed theory he was killed off because he was an environmental activist. Apparently he had gone to a meeting with the government about subliminal messages in his songs just before his plane crashed.

I admit that I am not a great fan of all his music but I appreciate his love of nature and like to sing along with Annie's Song. I love the whole Denver, Colorado fitness-oriented lifestyle; I was in the Rocky Mountains just last month and couldn't help reminiscing about "Rocky Mountain High".

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There was nothing so dramatic as a conspiracy in Denver's death. As in most air crashes, there were a variety of events that caused the Rutan Vari Easy to go in. Low fuel, lack of preflight planning, unfamiliarity with the aircraft, and a difficult to reach, non-standard fuel selector valve were cited as contributing causes. When one of the fuel tanks ran dry, Denver had to turn 90 degrees in his seat and reach back to attend to the fuel selector, causing him to inadvertently press on a rudder pedal, resulting in loss of control at an altitude too low for recovery. Plane and pilot impacted into Monterey Bay.

A great talent snuffed out by failure to pay attention to the little details. Aviation is very rewarding, but terribly unforgiving activity.

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John Denver is another artist who seems to have enjoyed great popularity in Japan. John Denver was the first musical artist I was really interested in as a child of about 8 or 9. I had most of his albums on cassette.

In trying to reacquire his CD's years later, I was pleased to find that, while several albums were never released in the USA on CD (Take me to Tomorrow, Whose Garden Was This, Aerie), they were all available as Japanese pressings. I'm impressed at the completeness of the Japanese releases compared to the domestic ones.

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Well, he was very popular in Japan.

His natural worship looks like natural worship of an ancient Japanese.

An ancient Japanese found "God" to the mountain, the river, the megalith, the gigantic tree, the plant, the fire, and rain, the winds, and the thunders.

This is thought of "Shintoism" of Japan.

Moreover, his word is simple and comprehensible.

Additionally, I think that a strong message to his anti-war sounded in a Japanese mind, too.

'Take Me Home, Country Roads†and “Sunshine on my shoulders†are published in the textbook of English and music of the junior high school student in Japan so often.

James, I heard this song after a long time today.

“Follow Me†was one of my favorite songs of John Denver.

“This Old Guitar†“'Poems,Prayers and Promisesâ€â€¦..

You remind me of the past.

Nostalgic those days that was shining everything, and filled with hope.

I do not think be to good when it is possible to return to simple, in those days pure feelings.

I want to get back to simple and pure feelings in those days.

It is suitable for me today……not John Denver.

“Driftingâ€song by Harry Connic Jr.


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Simple is good. A little (or a lot) of Don Quixote mindset is probably good or necessary, at least for me it is. I vow to never lose my simple self, my self that dreams of good things. I hope I can stick to that vow.

Anyway, I listened to the song. "Drifting" is wonderful!! I'd never heard it before.

Thank you Aventurine!..


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