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Traveler of Argentina family


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I read an interesting newspaper article.

It is a story of the Zappu family in Argentina that travels with the car aiming at tour around the world from 2000.

They took the car of the Graham-paige of U.S.-made in 1928, left Argentina over the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, and arrived at Japan.

Four children were born while traveling. It is said that the travel capital is Contribution and the price of the photograph of traveling and the book.

Mr. Zappu said, "I want to learn to seeing many countries, touching person's geniality, and without prejudice".


Argentina is the country Andie lives in!

And they ran through the United States(it's your country!!!) by driving the car named “Graham†Paige.

Next, they traveled around the country where the kiwi lived and the country of new member Hihosilver, and now arrived at Japan!!!

Then, they will go to Tony's wife's country next to Japan.

I felt a wonderful connection from this article.

Isn't it Romantic???? LuvLoveLuvLoveLuvLove

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I guess this may be a tangent, but what came to mind when I read your post was that the internet can be one of the coolest things in the world. I'd rather be outdoors than on a computer, and I think the internet (Facebook, web surfing etc...) is overused by many of us, but certain things the internet brings to us are amazing.

Namely the fact I (we) can communicate with others around the world. Take this American based website: on EC.Com we Americans can talk with others all around our country, but even cooler is that we talk with friends from around the world - Aventurine in Japan, Andie in Argentina, Muzz & Kiwi in New Zealand, now Hiho in Australia, our Canadian contingent in Canada, Wim in The Netherlands, Julia in The United Kingdom etc.

How cool!

We (friends from all over the globe) hop in the EC.Com sandbox and play with each other! We interact and learn how each other think, live etc.

We almost take it for granted now, but 20 years ago none of us would have imagined we'd be meeting with friends from around the world on an intimate little website like this - our little EC.Com community sandbox.

The world is so small now.



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OH, James!!!! I’m very impressed.

This is what I wanted to say exactly!!!!.

Thank you for verbalizing this. :thanx:

I am a writer. Work to tell the person the fact and the idea in the word is done. In Japanese, I can told considerably well(!).

However, when telling it in English, I always felt very impatient. Because I can be told just only part of my idea.

Still, I am enjoying the communication here very much.

I did not have foreigner's friend up to now.

It is not only a problem of the language.

The Japanese has been made to have "Masochistic historical view".

I mean that, "We Japanese is disliked because of all over the world".

Therefore, we Japanese might sometimes become unmanly, fear, and react excessively.

So I feared making friends with the foreigner.

Maybe second moon have similar feelings to me.

However, I was led to Eric's music, and came here!!!

It became a happy very wonderful meeting.

I want to tell the gratitude to Eric who welcomed me yesterday. grin

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What a sweet lady Aventurine!

You should know that the most brilliant minds, artists, etc, have always Loved (deeply loved) the japanese culture!

I have a very close example, argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, as many others, were deep in love with Japan.

I've learned a lot about Japan from a very beautiful essay written by J.L.Borges.

These lines are from him (my translation): "When I was eleven or twelve years old, after reading a work by 'Lafcadio Hearn', I got very interested about Japan. Then, I read the English translation by 'Genji Monogatari', and also books about Buddhism, Zen Suzuki Daisetz, and I still felt that someday I'd like to meet Japanese culture directly. This desire is fulfilled now that I'm 80 years-old, and I feel extremely happy!"

Thank you for sharing this article, I didn't know about this family, So great indeed.

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I like Buddhism, too much!

I like Zen (Koan Zen), too much.

Haikku poetry.

Akira Kurosawa. Japanese Films in general...Kurosawa, Hirokazu Kore-Eda, etc

Actor Toshiro Mifune.

I used to read Yukio Mishima. I've read about his life too.

I love Shodo Japanese calligraphy Art.

I love Japanese Temples. The Japanese tea ceremony...The sound of Taiko Drums...

Japanese cherry blossoms Painting.

Japanese Summer Sounds: mix of Frogs and Crickets. Katydids and Crickets.

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I love the discipline and honor of the Sumurai.

I LOVE the novel "Shogun".

I love the dignity of the Japanese woman.

I love how Japan opened up to the world in the 1860s and within something like 50 years became a great industrial modern nation.

I love how after World War II, Japan welcomed democracy and has since practiced democracy on a high level.

I love how Japan, a nation devasted by the war (WWII), didn't whine about its lot, but put itself back together and within about 35 years, became the world's second largest economy.

I love how Japan became the world's second largest economy even though it is a nation with few natural resources.

I love how Japan is one of the world's most responsible nation states. It has developed wealth for its people and shares that wealth with the world's less fortunate.

I love how Japan quickly became the world's best car maker, and thus forced American car companies to improve American cars much faster than they otherwise would have.

I love how Japan believes in education and thus has the most educated citizenry of any nation in the world.

Viva Japan!..


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Yes, they did incur the wrath of 2 atomic bombs.

And the Japanese people picked themselves right up and progressed forward - unlike many other nations that have for decades (or longer) blamed everyone else for their problems, and thus have stayed mired in poverty and cultures of corruption.

Viva Japan (again..)!!


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And as we see here in the previous post, in 2010 they are still blaming everyone else for their problems.

They'd do well to look at the story of Japan. They'd do well to open their eyes and try and learn something from Japan. They'd do well to take Japan as an example of how to build, versus tearing down.



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Aventurine, that is absolutely amazing story.

And my love for Japan, because I've worked directly with them, and spoken to them in business.

To have been recognized for my personal work with them.

I have had the priveledge to bring so many millions of dollars worth of Yamaha Musical Instruments and japanese forklifts from Japan. I personally signed for all of these shipments that were sent throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

To have been personally invited to sing songs for some japanese people who were visiting the U.S. One of the songs is the beautiful "Ready To Take A Chance Again" with that long vocal stretch near the end of the song.

To have the top model japanese car, the V-8 All Aluminum Engine, Infiniti with it's computerized engine. (I've burned rubber on my tires to pass at 60 miles per hour once. It responds so fast).

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Andie and I don't agree on much, but at least on this thread we've found 2 things we do agree on:

1. We both love Japan

2. We both dig Aventurine


That's great!

On the other hand, I'm sure there're could be one more:

3. We both like Cristina K. (sweet-like-sugar!) grin

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The writer whom I respect most is Yukio Mishima. LuvLove

I’m glad that you read his work!!!

My most favorite work is "Spring Snow "(“Haru no yukiâ€)

Prohibited love with woman to whom it is decided to marry royalty. It is a beautiful, grand love story……that the conflict, suffers complicated the distorted pride by the young man.

Please read by all means if you have a chance.

'Lafcadio Hearn' is a Greek British writer, and he came to Japan first as a journalist in the United States in 1890. The beauty of Japan advanced by the modernization where it ruined and it went was drawn. Japan that he drew is really beautiful.

The TV drama that depicted Lafcadio Hearn's life had been broadcast for a long time before. It was that George Chakiris who act in the TV drama work. I marveled at wonderful of acting of man who knew only by the West Side story.


You had posted a wonderful contribution about the development of the economy of Japan before.

I think. When the reason that the Japanese kept developing was strong pride after the war.

When having never lost in Japanese original even mental having been completely denied was a pride.


I’m glad to read that you loved Yamaha musical instruments.

I can never thank you enough to my friends. :thanx:


And I know.

The grand piano of Yamaha was there at Eric's house.

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Yes, Andiemay, I really can sing his voice well.

You should see the reaction in person, when I sing. And people think it's a record. But it's live.

I can sing his voice exactly the same as the original singer.


Could you please come here and sing it in person, and bring Eric Carmen with you? grin

Eric could play on the piano, while you sing da song! and I'd be da happiest woman in da world...

Bring also Aventurine and James!

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So great Andiemay!!

But you didn't know that I can sing Eric's voice, too!!

As well as Frank Sinatra's. How fortunate to learn from these great singers.

One of the most fun times was singing Frank's "The Way You Look Tonight" over his voice while singing live in a microphone, before walking on stage still singing that song.

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Yes, carinosa. Very easily. I would not only care for you, you would wonder why you're waiting.

I'm finding others saying about me as of lately.

My greatest attribute, though, is that people can both see and feel what I think. Sometimes by my words only.

That's how I live my life- with a lot of feeling. But it's genuine and real. I've learned that from the great singers like Eric.

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