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Reluctant Airplay For Old Artists

Brian Mc Carthy

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I often wonder, and feel saddened by the fact that radio stations today have a certain reluctance towards playing new tunes by an old artist. Oh sure perhaps a few times they may sample it for us to hear, but then quite suddenly distance themselves to the point of quite probably never hearing it again. I for one, if in the business of radio management and program director would be excited to have a proven hit-maker back on the scene. But the trend today in radio seems to be for a bunch of nonsense songs with no clear direction or meaning of its content. That's why I seldom listen to radio, just the oldies station.And then buy any new albums of my favorites when they release them. I would be interested Eric in your opinions on all of this.Many Thanks,highwayangel

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Here in Aus we have community, special purpose and online radio stations directly threatening commercial networks with announcers playing music of their and listeners choice rather than just the top 40. They don't have the market penetration yet of the commercial networks but continue to build loyal audiences who buy new CD's they hear.

Our national broadcaster here, the ABC, usually will air old artists and that has and does start the ball rolling when CD's are selling. Its pretty common for an ABC or ethnic SBS TV classic album for instance is on the charts because of sales through ABC and record stores.

I know what you mean by the current nonsense on the airwaves though. Its interesting that we have a large number of old artistis touring here as we go into spring and summer.

Quite a a number of british artists have settled here because we still play their songs while UK stations won't. Leo Sayer is one and there are a significant number of others staying in the background but playing in local pubs and doing their own thing on independent labels and seeling direct to enthusiasts.

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Yeah Hihosilver, it seems the politics of music radio have taken the fun out of listening in most cases.Thanks for offering up your well-versed and experienced point of view.Also worth the mention, here when an artist is on tour in a nearby city, an old-time legend the radio stations will increase the air play of that artist.And sprinkle in a new song if they have one, and once their concerts are finished its back to almost nothing again. You will hear them once in a while play one of their hits, but the new material usually goes bye-bye

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