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He wrote "After You" and "High Cost of Loving You" with E, his orphans as I mentioned in the you tube post. seth is also good and current on his own, google around and find "Watercolors"

Seth turned 50 last month and had a home party, and a break out singalog along, ala Beach Boys Party album, and Davy Jones happened to be there. Lots of acoustic Beatles and Monkess.

I'll post the links below, and if they don't work, email me.

Luv to be invited to a similiar party, I'll bring my acoustic

Here is one link, there is 4, find me if you want more. (Seth is in the corner}

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hello Eric, it's gord harris,I was in a Costco, I 'm now visiting here until oct 31st,I saw your look alike.

I didn't know what to do, I was in urge to ask, is your name eric Carmen.

You takecare, eric, I'm still praying for you to come to canad,Toronto,OR hamilton.

In California, visiting my second grandmother, here in San luis Obispo.

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Seth is a great writer and a very cool guy. Graduated from Dartmouth if I remember correctly. Total Beatlemaniac. Wears his influences proudly on his sleeve, just like me.

We worked "long distance." He sent me his first draft of "After You" and I think it was originally called "A History of You." He was very young at the time, and we discussed making it more personal. I re-wrote some of it, and it became "After You." Good song. I'm not sure why I didn't record it, but it was probably just because I had too many ballads already for the album I was working on.

Somebody should have recorded it, but that has a lot to do with publishers getting the song out there.

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