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Do I detect a pattern here?


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Let's see...

HDTV gives the greatest picture ever available...but TV programs are worse than ever.

We have ITunes, MP3, IPods....but new music is worse than ever.

We have Kindles....but the only books with any profile these days are written by celebrities.

We have communications devices by the score....but (overhearing people's conversations) there seems to be less being said than ever.

Something tells me we need a little less style and a little more substance....

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Part of the problem is that HighDef TV is a double-edged sword...it's ability to resolve small detail enables it to reveal more defects in a picture than standard definition could. However, the original Star Trek fom 1965 in HiDef is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT! It was originally filmed on 35mm Technicolor movie film, and the new digital transfers of the original negatives are immaculate and pristine.

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