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Happy Rosh HaShanah


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It's the Jewish New Year, this wednesday. I think it's year 5770 on the calender Celebrations continue through friday for some at home. Look up more at Jewish Holidays 2010, or About.com:Judaism then see the Jewish holidays.

Tomorrow night, I might go to a congregation I'm familiar with.

I will put my suit on for my gangster look. People say that when a suit is on me. I have done skits as a mobster, too.

Some of you know, I grew up with mixed faiths.

I like Reformed Judaism the most, because it is definitely the most liberal. Very free, in my opinion. Look how I talk on the posts, sorta like that. I don't follow my faith much, except for the upcoming Jewish Holidays. They will be very surprised to see me, I tell you. A lot of Music, people dancing on the floor about their faith. It's wild. Yes, I am wild if you were around me. Also, food(Comida in Spanish).

I enjoy this time so much. A lot of joy and celebration.

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Thanks, Kiwi and Muzza.

A little writing on my part. Feeling something, telling and showing me to write:

I hope I'm a Man. A hero

Have I done all my best

You'll know it one day, So...

Continue to look my way

And I'm going to show you--

What this life's about

When you need me....

I'm somewhere

Can you hear me when I'm gone-

All that I've said

Everything I wanted to

Now you know I have said...

Told you, Shown you

Hoped for. And need, too

I tell you

Nothing can I hide. From you

-Ever. Never; Never,

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