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Japanese interpretation about"Caroline No"


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I have repeatedly heard the album of "Winter Dreams" for these several days.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t evaluating "Caroline no" too much high.

Because I wanted to hear the song that not the cover but Eric made.

However, I changed.

My friend "Miss.K" (she is Eric's great fan!) taught me.

“You should read ‘ interview 2’ of EC.com".â€

So I read.

I felt the respect to Japanese culture.

Eric included it to "Caroline No".

I came to love this tune deeply.

Eric used Japanese bamboo flute â€Syakuhachi†instead of flute.

In the original , the drumbeat that seemed to be African.

Though the drum looks like to the sound of Japanese hand drum â€Tuzumi†in Eric’s “Calroline Noâ€.

The sound of Japanese hand drum is very romantic and mysticical.

We say that in Japanese “Yuugenâ€.

“Girl with long hair†“ bamboo†and “Yuugenâ€â€¦... We Japanese associate a story from these three words.

"The Tale of Princess Kaguya".

This story was written 1200 years ago.

When Eric's Caroline no was related to this story, a WONDERFUL effect was brought!!!

Is there someone who has pointed it out about this????

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The story is this.

One day an Old man found the bamboo that shone brilliantly in the forest.

When he cut the bamboo, there was a pretty baby inside.

The Old man importantly brought up the baby.

She grew a brilliant, beautiful woman.

Her name was “Princess Kaguyaâ€.

Emperor, prince, minister or aristocrat ..…a lot of men proposed to her.

But “Princess Kaguya†never accepts.

And she depressed, and became taciturn.

She was always floating tears.

Then the old man asked her.

"Why do you cry?".

The princess answered

"I should return to the moon. "

Receiving comes from the moon after all, and the princess is a story to have returned to the moon though emperor's soldier tried to defend the princess.

The messenger comes from the moon, and the princess has gone to the moon.

* * * * * * * *

Lyrics of “Caroline No†are understood as cherishing memory to innocent that the girl is losing.

The Moon Princess changed when growing up from the girl as well as Caroline. The fate that should be accepted is realized, and it comes to grieve when becoming taciturn.

And she left. Only a beautiful memory remains.

Eric used the bamboo flute in this song.

I think that it gave birth to a wonderful effect.

I think that the famous piece of "Caroline.. no" added the image of an old story of Japan by Eric's arrangement.

Did you know this story, Eric? Or unexpected?

I am not visible with Eric between Japan, and feel a very wonderful relation and fate in case of by unexpected.

Some Japanese are imagined to be might feeling to similar by this song.

I want to tell it to Eric!!!

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Not sure about the Moon Princess connection, but this song was written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher. The story goes that Asher had a girlfriend named Carol. When he happened to run into her again after not seeing her for years, he noticed that she'd cut her hair. That inspired the opening line, "Where did your long hair go? Where is the girl I used to know?" Tony's original lyric (which makes a lot of sense when you think about it) was, "Oh, Carol I know." Brian misheard it and thought he had sung, "Oh, Caroline, no." And I guess they liked that better.


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The question most asked is: who was Caroline? "Actually, I had recently broken up with my high school sweetheart who was a dancer and had moved to New York to make the big time on Broadway," admitted Asher. "When I went east to visit her a scant year after the move, she had changed radically. Yes, she had cut her hair. But she was a far more worldly person, not all for the worse. Anyway, her name was Carol. And when I sang the lyric for the first time to Brian, I was singing 'oh, Carol, I know.' Brian, understandably, heard it as 'Caroline, No.' which struck me as a far more interesting line than the one I originally had in mind."


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Thank you John,Bernie

I know about "The Beach Boys" original structure.

I wanted to say the effect in eric's arrangement that used "Syakuhachi"(Not "Shokuhachi"!!!).

It is difficult to play the bamboo flute very much. It might be a sound of the synthesizer. However, my friend seems to have gotten excited because she imagined that Eric blew the bamboo flute!!!!!

I think that it was so sexy. blush

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I am not visible with Eric between Japan' date=' and feel a very wonderful relation and fate in case of by unexpected.


I sometimes image Japanese original scenery from music of some Eric, too

Even as for the music of Raspberries

I always felt so it

With a Japanese old picture and old words (I wrote it in other threads about them)

There is a common point in a view of the world of the music of Eric

I do not understand why is it

It is a sense of closeness very much


Please be surprised

I played The Moon Princess in a kindergarten at time of 4 years old

When I read all the more a topic of Eric in the EC .com, there is sense of incongruity

It was realized that the foundation of your behavior was totally different

Simply because it is it

Splendor of the music touched the body some other time

Splendid music

I feel very sad that my feeling does not reach Eric well

Though Eric should understand a language of second moon

Because I sent a heart to the sad problem that cannot be settled for this one month, I was not able to read a topic of the EC .com

And I have missed some wonderful threads by Aventurine


Will you want to meet beautiful, smart Aventurine?

There is the thought that is good for me

You should do return of giving a performance in Japan

You can meet Asian beautiful woman Aventurine surely

Lucky Eric & Aventurine

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