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"Five Tool Players"


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My friend I was going to mention is Jon Gibson. He was asked and played at a Grammy Awards Party for the artist named Prince. He and the band played for hours, with some breaks of course.

I saw him at a restaurant bar. He holds a singles record for most weeks on a chart.

He does gospel, but is very unconventional in the way he talks and acts.


I let her mind wrap around my thoughts

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As every baseball fan knows, a "five tool player" is one who has it all: hits for average, hits for power, plays defense, throws runners out, and has speed.

Let's call a "five tool player" in music someone who simultaneously excels at:

1. singing

2. writing lyrics

3. writing melodies

4. playing an instrument

5. arranging songs

Five tool players in music are pretty rare. We're all a bit biased, but Eric Carmen seems to be one. 1,3 and 4 (piano) are pretty much slam dunks. I would argue that he's at least a very good to great lyricist. And, while not going it alone, I'm pretty sure the buck stops with Eric when it comes to arrangements of his songs (correct me if wrong)....

I was thinking.... I slugged in my favorite five-tool artists one page ago, but I would also submit that there are instances of four-, three-, two-, and even one-tool artists who are worthwhile. A one-tool artist, for example, might be Frank Sinatra, right? And maybe Elvis (Presley) would be a one- or two-tool guy.

In baseball, I'll take Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers -- though he does spend a lot of time on the disabled list....

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