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What Was Wrong With "After You"?


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I had never heard "After You" until Bernie posted it in the Multimedia/Eric's Demos section. I loved it the first time I listened to it. If the demo sounds that good, I can't imagine had good your finished version would have sounded.

I'm curious why you never recorded it...did you not like it...was it legalities...was it something else?

Since nobody else recorded it, maybe it's just not as good as I think it is. Even if it wasn't a single, it seems album worthy...

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I wish I did, Art...I'd share it if I had it.

I don't know if he could legally do it, but I wish Bernie would sell the videos, demos, etc. that he has. He said he plans to eventually load them all in the Multimedia section to be enjoyed while at ericcarmen.com. That's great. I enjoy them here and can't thank Bernie enough...but it would be great to listen to some of them ("After You" for instance) in the car or on your ipod. I'd gladly pay for single downloads or a CD collection...money could go to ericcarmen.com like the garage sale...

P.S. - if Bernie was selling them on the site, I wouldn't share them...the object would be for everybody to buy their own. I think we've all shown that we're willing to spend money for Eric Carmen memorabilia. Heck, we'd gladly pay for concert tickets if he'd have that solo show he teased us about...

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