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Your favorite Beatles song

Les R.

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ABC Nightly News has opened a can of worms! Tonight they reported a Rolling Stone poll in which apparently a sizeable chunk of Beatles fans feel that "A Day in the Life" is their greatest song. However, it was never even released as a single except as a 'B' side, and so never charted in the U.S.

Strictly by the charts, which reflect radio airplay and music sales, "Hey Jude" has to be their greatest hit because it spent 9 weeks at #1! Here's the next 5:

2. I Want to Hold Your Hand (7 weeks)

3. Can't Buy Me Love (4 weeks)

4. Twist & Shout (4 weeks)

5. I Feel Fine (3 weeks)

6. Help! (3 weeks)

These are my personal top 10:

(DNC = did not chart)

1. All My Lovin' (#45, '64)

2. I Want to Hold Your Hand (#1, '64)

3. Hey Jude (#1, '68)

4. She Loves You (#1, '63)

5. Eleanor Rigby (#11, '66)

6. Michelle (DNC, '65)

7. Back in the USSR (DNC, '68)

8. I Saw Her Standing There (#14, '63)

9. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (#49, '76)

10. From Me To You (#41, 64)

Diane Sawyer invites us weigh in on this!


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My faves:

1) Please Please Me

2) The Night Before

3)I Feel Fine

4)Lady Madonna

5)All My Lovin'

6) Let It Be

7) Hard Day's Night

8) She's A Woman

9)Paperback Writer

10) I Want To Hold Your Hand

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Gotta list ten here!


1) Long & Winding Road - yes the Phil Spector monstrosity

2) If I Needed Someone

3) That Boy

4) If I Fell

5) Here There & Everywhere (My wife's fave)

6) In My Life

7) Yesterday

8) Help

9) While My Guitar gently weeps

10) Golden Slumbers

ask me again in ten minutes and at least eight of these will be different

honorable mention

You're Gonna Lose That Girl

I Need You


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1. Helter Skelter

2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

3. Hey Jude

4. I Saw Her Standing There

5. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

6. Back In The U.S.S.R.

7. Long And Winding Road

8. Here Comes The Sun

9. You're Gonna Lose That Girl

10. I'm still thinking

James' List > Hollies' List


Please carry-on..

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1] The Long and Winding Road (Spector-less version 1st, though his strings-drenched one is awesome too)

2] Hey Jude

3] Ticket to Ride

4] Nowhere Man

5] If I Fell

6] All My Loving

7] Penny Lane

8] Strawberry Fields Forever

9] I Want To Hold Your Hand

10] I'm Down (I'm really down...)

Honorable Mention (and sometimes in my Top 10):

* Hello Goodbye (my daughters love this)

* And Your Bird Can Sing

* I Saw Her Standing There

* Please Please Me (oh yeah!)

* Something

* Yes It Is

* Baby You're a Rich Man

* Baby's in Black

* While My Guitar Gently Weeps

* You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

And sometimes... Free As a Bird is way up there.

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Being a Beatle fan since the tender age of 9.....and having dissected and trisected every tune they have ever done....I still cannot pick a favorite...mine tend to change everyday. You guys know....it's like trying to pick your favorite child. Ok...I FEEL FINE is ONE of my favorites. To me a favorite would have to have every Beatle element running through it. Their wonderful harmonies, George's cool guitar. John's driving rhythm guitar, Paul's tremendous bass lines and Ringo's rock solid drumming. I think "I Feel Fine" fits the bill.

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I absolutely adore these songs. Probably because I don't hear them often:

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Please Please Me

This Boy [so fun playing it live, and watching the response]

Do You Want To Know A Secret...[Oh, My God, the lyrics. So simple but powerful]:

Listen, (Do Whoa eww)

Do you want to know a secret?

(Do Whoa, eww)

Do you promise not to tell?

Oh, oh, oh Closer

Let me whisper in Your ear

Say these you words

You want to hear


I've known a secret

For a week or two

Nobody knows

Just we two


The beauty I see

And What I hear-

I only....hold what's dear

And closest to my heart

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This is impossible for me to answer....it varies with time. Let me explain....sometimes my moods are nostalgic; then I love they basic 4 man group sound...the driving bass....incredible harmonies.

Then...I'll change into the modern mode and really enjoy the Pepper & Abbey Road stuff with orchestration....I also find that the seasons change my desires....summer is for the raw,early rambuncious sound....while autumn brings in the later more delicate cuts.

For some reason, I really love The Moody Blues in the Fall......

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My Favorite Beatle tunes

1..All My Loving

2...I feel Fine

3...Please Please me

4...Your gonna lose that girl

4...I wanna hold your hand


6...A little help from my friends

7...Lucy in the sky with Diamonds

8...Help(its my cell phone ringer}

9...Hey Jude

10...Mr Postman

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Ok...I'll try...I tend to favor the early material.

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand.....great intro...great bridge

2. She Loves You.....great bass and drums...comes at you like a freight train!

3. Please Please Me.....Paul's little two note intro is pure genius

4. I Feel Fine....That freaky feedback just kills me....I used to think it sounded like a cow mooing

5. I'll Cry Instead.....I love George's Chet Atkins fingerstyle playing

6. All My Loving....IMHO....John's best rhythym guitar playing and again, George's Chet Atkins style solo.

7. You Can't Do That....a great piece of rock n' roll...with venom plus a raunchy little solo by John!

8. You're Gonna Lose That Girl....Great call and response from John, Paul,and George

9. The Night Before....Paul absolutely nails the vocal...try singing it in full voice....you'll spit your lungs out

10. I Need You....a beautiful song and that tone pedal guitar of George's adds just the right touch!

Remember...this can change every half-hour or so...lol

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