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Birthdays are celebrations and gifts of time. Hope your day is full of fun and surprises !! Have a happy ! spin

The “Seven of Clubs†is the card that rules your day of birth. Your card represents “Business success; a change in business that may have been expected or earned, such as a promotionâ€.

“Sevens†are sensitive, faithful, intuitive, spontaneous, idealistic, and spiritual. They can be too dreamy to the point of expecting too much from others and from life. If expressed negatively, they can be withdrawn, confused, and self-absorbed.

“Clubs†are curious, communicative and creative. Courts are the suit of communication, ideas, People belonging to the Clubs suit believe in the power of intentions and ideas. They may be in love with words and they may search for the truth and for meaning. They rarely hold a grudge because they are able to rise above emotions and actions and find explanations or excuses for others' actions. On the negative side, they can use words as weapons, and they can finagle their way out of a jam with their clever minds by stretching the truth.

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Elle, here's hoping you have the best birthday ever. You are a great boardmember and always fun to converse with. May all your wishes come true! Happy Birthday!!! birthday Rob

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Happy, Happy Birthday elle

As a person and boardmember, you are really swelle

What you will say, one can never telle

So have a happy birthday elle

May your special day be one in which all of your wildest dreams come true!! You are a great lady!! Post often and post up!! birthday

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Happy Birthdays to everyone else during the year, because I just happened to look at this section.

I know you're a sports fan. I have met Kobe and his wife, plus Luke of The Lakers. And I sang The National Anthem at a sports event. And they played part of the singing back on the news that night when the coach and a player were being interviewed. I may have caught their attention by the singing, I guess. They gave us a private dressing room, too. And then escorted us to sing.

The candles seen through twinkling eyes

Your favorite kind of cake

All the gifts around the table

And the wish you're going to make

This day is new- It's your Birthday

Let your dreams come true

From your Birthday

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Happy Birthday Elle! Would it be awkward if I admitted that I kiss your hot photo goodnight every night?...OK, I won't mention it then. blush

Tony...I may have mentioned (a few times) that I know Elle personally and see her from time to time. I may have also mentioned that NONE of the "hot photos" that she has posted here do her justice...not that I'm trying to torture you or say "eat your heart out" or anything like that...you know that I wouldn't do that! spin

Sorry...I got off track. I came on here to wish Elle a great birthday...not bore everybody with naughty Elle stories... :yikes:

Happy Birthday Elle!!! birthday

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