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Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

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Neighbor: "Look at Edison over there with his damn electricity. Hey Edison! How about sharin' some of those lightbulbs, huh?"

Edison: "Hey figure it out for yourself man!"

Neighbor: "Were freezing our asses off over here!

Edison: "Hey man how do you think i feel? You get to look at my great house and i have to look at that dark thing! Huh? What is that a candle?"

Neighbor: "Yeah it's a candle! We're freezing over here! No one in my family has taken a bath in over a month, we stink, it stinks over here ya jerk!!!"

Edison: "I can't hear u over my central heating.

Neighbor: "Hey why don't u go to hell Edison!"

Edison: "Hey bite me man! Hey have u guys seen The Office? Oh no i guess u haven't 'cuz u don't have a TV!"

Neighbor: "Hey how about i come over and kick yer a$$?!"

Edison: "Ooh yeah come on over!" hahahahahaha

Peter: "You know they say that Chuck Norris is so tough, there's no chin underneath his beard. There is only another fist." grin


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