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Funny Episodes of Family Guy!

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O.K., so in an episode of Family Guy where Peter gets bitten on the arm by Brian, he tells Lois that he hasn't been that scared since the time he got mugged by Gene Shalit!

So here's the line from the most funniest scene:

Don't "Panic Room."

I'm not going to "William Hurt" you.

I just want you're "Tango & Cash."

So just "Pay It Forward."

And we'll all be "Happy Gilmore."

And then Peter says: "What"?

LOL, that scence cracks me up!!! I just hope everyone else finds this funny!!! hahahahahahahaha

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Guest Rachan

Stewie practicing for the olympics...the floor exercise ,not to mention the large shard of glass in his forehead after the vault.

Or Stewie drunk jumping from the kitchen shelf at breakfast..



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LOL!!! grin

Brian: "You're drunk."

Stewie: "Your're sexy." laugh

Samuna Stena Stana Steena Hhhamuno.... Hamu libu Labulay... Stobbin ubba BRAND NEW DAY!!! laugh

It's peanut butter jelly time!!!

Hey Rachan, i couldn't find good video quality for Stewie practicing for the olympics. I could only find drunk Stewie. grin I'll have to look on Hulu.com for more. smile

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