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Fantasy Football Time?

Paulie Mississippi

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  • 3 weeks later...

We have one spot left in the Raspberries Fantasy Football League. The league is made up of EC.com members and it's really a lot of fun, if anyone's interested in taking on a franchise. It's a money league, though it's not big money (just $20 per team; top four teams get payouts).

Post here or PM me if you want that last spot.

Actually, we can take either one or three teams, but not two.... Has to be an even number. Last year we had 14, this year 11 so far.

The league's team owners as of today:

John (Angelina): BooyahBerries

BeatleJay: Crunchberries

Mitch: Cleveland Rockers

Rick: Cross-Eyed Mary

Harry (Tiggsherby): Ericagles

Paulie Mississippi: Sunrisers

Laura: Spotlights

Tom (Keith Nivan): Vox Populi

Joe (Raspyrock): ZAP

Blackhawk Pat: Winter Dreams

Me (LC): The Go All the Ways

The draft is Monday night, Sept. 6, 8:30 p.m. I'm asking Muzza and Kiwi, as always, to select our draft order for us over in New Zealand.... (I'll get you guys the names by Friday, I hope....)


Commissioner LC

PS: This is our 5th season of Raspberries Football League.... Our past Super Bowls (I looked it up in our online archives):

2006: The Let's Pretenders (Tiggsherby) beat Paulie's Sunrisers, 97-80, despite an Eagles-heavy roster to become our first champ.

2007: Ernie's Road Crew blew away my GATWs, 111-79, to win it all, in a great comeback (Ernie was 6-7 in the regular season but swept through the playoffs).

2008: Jay's Crunchberries put a whippin' on Harry's Ericagles 102-89. (Jay, your final roster shows you had five defenses and three kickers! But Kurt Warner, Adrian Peterson, and Thomas Jones were all you needed.)

2009: My GATWs finally won a title, beating Joe's ZAPs with, yes, the ageless Brett Favre at QB.

2010: ??? We've had four different champs so far, so the parity is right-on....

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Thanks, Kiwi. I've got the draft order in my hot hands, as chosen on the other side of the world, thanks to Muzza and Kiwi.

FYI, I sent Muzza and Kiwi all 11 teams that have signed up thus far and labeled the 12th team "The TBDs." I'm awaiting confirmation on two prospective franchise owners :-) Who will it be? News at 11.

So... here goes....

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That can only mean that the #1 draft pick this year belongs to....

Laura's Spotlights squad.

Congrats on that, Laura.... Most will say they don't care where their pick is, but... it's gotta be nice to have the best player in the game, right?

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I made it a point LC to read the draft position posts in order. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Okay after getting the 8th slot...I feel more like a kid on Christmas morning who wanted the GI Joe with Kung Fu grip...and got a Ken doll. But that's cool. LOL


Thanks to Kiwi & Muzza.....and LC!!!!!!!!!

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