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I believe Layla actually was originally composed as a ballad for George's wife until Allman got a hold of the intro.

George helped a lot to knock out Claptons Cream song, Badge, when Clapton was hungover and under pressure to show up at rehearsal with a commercial song,(Ringo came over drunk and even added a line, swans in the park). In fact the song is called Badge because Clapton couldn't read Gerge's handwriting where he inserted the word "bridge" into the middle of his song notes

and of course it's widley known who played the solo's on Georges While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Amazing, Clapton took his wife but they remained close friends. Clapton also wrote Wonderful Tonight about her.

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Songwriting credits. It is widely believed that George played a much larger role in Ringo's It Don't Come Easy than producer, he legitamely helped write it, or most of it. He is not credited as he simply gave it away to his bud, a kindered sole who at the time also knew what it was like to be overshadowed. Google it, and you can find a cool version of George singing my favorite Ringo song. Eric would have the actual scoop on this since he's played on this song live and shared some pub time with Ringo.

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My guess is that Ringo wrote the title, probably uttered the phrase It Don't Come Easy and George thought.. ooh, there's a song, not unlike when after a long day he uttered the immortal words it's going to be a hard days night, and Paul and John looked at each other and said ooh...

The arrangement has a bit of a My Sweet Lord feel.

George is credited as co-writer of Ringo's Photograph, but again..

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