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My 3 1/2 year old son (named Eric!) loves the Raspberries. He thinks they are better than the Fresh Beats Band (high praise!). When I told him today is Eric's birthday he insisted I send along his greetings. So from Eric and Eric's Dad, all the best to Eric, whose work has given me immense pleasure during the short time I've known it.

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Birthday Greetings, Music Man!

Another year has gone by and I took a moment (as has been the custom for the past five or six years) to say thanks to the muse who guides you, Eric. What happiness and you you have brought friends, family, and myself from that first hot afternoon when I heard "Go All the Way" over a tinny car speaker. You Sir, most certainly rock.

Thank you, and have a very Happy Birthday.


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You've now provided me with approximately 3/4 of my personal soundtrack this summer. "Nowhere to Hide" was worth every second of the three months that it puprotedly took you to write it.

I finally bought those Raspberries Japanese "Mini-Vinyl" import CD's, and, I gotta tell you, they are RAWK!! It's not just your ballads, with their acrobatic chord structues and and instantly classic melodies-you are a genuine riff factory!!

You are a musical genius!!; You have the savior faire!; You make today's indie kids look banal by comparison-all of that is worth more than getting the same tie as you did last year.

All I can give you is my gratitude, a wish of "Happy Birthday", and ask that the Raspberries play Louisville.

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Just back from a coastal Maine trip and finding I'm a hair late with birthday wishes, Eric. But... I hope it was a great one!

Here's to a year of happy times, family and friends, and new music. And here's a bit of old music, just for fun:

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How sweet, Andiemay.

I'll try to come up with another version, maybe in French? Oui.

German? Nein. Espanol? Talvez, pero nececito ir. Manana, escuchare a las canciones. (I have to get a keyboard that can put accent symbols on the words).

So yes, I will do it in French this week. And let's see if it translates to English well.

I like French the most because it is expressive.

Au revoir, J'ai autre chose `a faire. Tous les jour, je pense de quelque chose. Peut-etre jolie et tres bon. Que-est-que je puis dire? Mais, autre jour. D'accord?

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Yes, I explained that because you were gone, maybe you were upset at what I said in the song that I re-edited. Explained(Smiles).

Here's what I worked on yesterday. It could be to anyone, like any song. This one is original. The line, 'how we are free' is an expression, like 'Wow, we are free to enjoy all of life:

Verse of song:

A fresh blue sky every morning

I feel the wind.... without the rain

The beauty I see,.. and what I hear

I only,...hold what's dear

And closest to my heart

Taking new steps, you will climb

What's a future?- A new time

You can change some things

But you can't change them all

And when you fall down

Stand up; Stand Tall


There's a feeling that you have

You don't always understand

-What's showing me?...

What's telling me to try again

Bridge of song:

Farther than I see

Am I starting to be

Much greater than,...Not lesser than

And how we are free

Oh, I am...together once again

Yes, I choose to be.. together once again

OHHHHH, Start.....(Clap, Clap)

Start again....(Clap, Clap)

Is it time?.....(Clap, Clap)

Something to it...(Clap, Clap)

I can feel it.....(Clap, Clap)

Alllllright!(Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, etc).

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Yes, some more from the first poem:

Sometimes I get a red face

I admit it

-The things that seem to go on every day

Just when I've gotten over

Last weeks' photo

Andiemay will put another

In it's place!

Hi Mike! smile

I am very confused confused, cause it seems there's a misunderstanding here. It's not me who posts photos on the board (those photos of ladies in bikinis, etc) So sorry, but it's not me.


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