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I came across this original advertising for the "Boats Against The Current" album. Since the album was released during the month of August, and because it's my personal favorite, I can't think of a more fitting tribute for your Birthday, from me to you:

I think the glowing reviews are as relevant today, as they were 33 years ago.

Thanks for sharing that "perfect wave" with us, Eric. It's been a wonderful ride!

Hope you have a fantastic Birthday!

Love, Elle

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Eric, I wish you joy and love on your birthday and hope that the gifts you receive make you as happy as your beautiful musical gifts have made me through the years.

Thanks for all the brilliant music, your friendship and for being you, just as you are. Wishing you your heart's desire on your birthday and forever, because you truly deserve it. king

:)--Love, heartpumpDar

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second moon says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Eric(100%) in EC .com for the first time

with respect to you and love(not 100%)

I am very sorry but, I won't be there to see you blow out the birthday candles(How many?) birthday

However, instead I'll be there to see you sing out in concert for a lot of audiences

And Eric

August 11 is the next day of the new moon

YES! moon age 1.2=second moon=Futsukazuki




c...lair de lune heartpump

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I used to play your song in the rehearsal rooms, along with my Classical piano studies-Boats Against The Current, Marathon Man, etc.

Flashback to The HOB Sunset when Tony meets Eric and Jim on the way in to your recorded concert. Gene or someone couldn't get their camera out in time.

And to the present time.

I didn't have the nerve to post the song I'm writing to. Well, it's Paper Roses, but this one's for laughs:

Year's ago it was Tony in a headlock

He didn't think you knew him, but you did

It only took one sentence to wonder who it was

And he said you had the nicest arms of all

It's your Birthday! Let's celebrate it!

All the wondrous songs you've shared with us

Is it only by invitation?

That's alright, 'Cause you have touched us all

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Eric I hope you truly take time to enjoy yourself on *YOUR* big day. May you *wup some one's butt in a game of tennis,break a few more thousand hearts just by walking out of a room, and have a year where you slam all of those idiots at the RRHOF by hitting number one on the billboards again with a new exciting smash hit...if these ideas don't sound great...well, just have a fantastic year doing what you love most of all!

Happy Birthday Eric! birthday


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