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Happy Birthday, Eric! We've shared a lot of stories and memories over the years, all I can say is thanks for the memories and all the best to you in the future. Oh, and some 'new' memories would be cool, also wink Have a great day birthday Kirk.

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Happy B-Day, Eric!!! I had already liked your huge '75-'76 hits, but you became my #1 man 33 years ago when "She Did It" came out, which has always been my FAVORITE song of the entire 55 years of the R&R era! I was always thrilled every time they would play it on WLS, where it reached #6 on their Chicago charts! Then a few months later I just so happened to notice "(Eric Carmen)" on the 45 RPM label under the title of my second favorite song, "Hey Deanie," and then looked on "That's Rock 'n' Roll" and saw it there too, and I was enthralled. You thereby earned my utmost respect as both an awesome singer and songwriter! Being only 13 years old at that point, I still had yet to discover the Raspberries, and when I did I became convinced, and still am, that there is no one who could ever in my mind surpass your accomplishments. Your "Dirty Dancing" songs were wonderful, but they could not elevate my opinion of you any more than it already was, because I knew way back then what you were capable of. (That is why when "Change of Heart" came out, no other album's release ever excited me more!) Paul McCartney and Elton John are a distant second and third to you, and I mean all that as a very sincere compliment.

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Hey Music Man! My wish for you is to have a birthday surrounded by family and friends, having a great time, laughing and enjoying this wonderful gift of life that we are blessed with. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts that you have given to us, your appreciative fans, and I am looking forward to seeing you again performing live on stage, with many of the great people from this site in the audience cheering you on!

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