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Lexus in 1992

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I read the article on the "Summer newsletter" that James contributed to "Cartoon field", and recalled this commercial.

It is a commercial of Toyota "Lexus" in 1992. Eric's ABM is adopted.

This tune with a large outlook on the scale refined by fine quality was loved really deeply also in Japan.

Is it this Lexus SC400 that Eric had gotten on before?

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Thank you Aventurine

You always take me to 80's

"Don't stand so close to me" is so, too blush

Because my uncle was an employee of Toyota, he owned the first soarer

I drove around in the car of his cast-off several years later

The cassette in my car was not Eric then

The first soarer seemed to right symbolize the bubble economy

The car of this commercial underwent a model change and was not popular

The people who could buy a luxury model already decreased after 90

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