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Raspberries Football League 2010


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Invitations went out last night for the RFL's 2010... I believe all 14 owners are returning. BUT... if you want to play this year, the estimable Blackhawk Pat is willing to commission an "expansion" league. Just post here and we'll get it going. I think Yahoo allows a minimum of six teams, but... it's better to have eight, 10, or 12.

Our existing league is a money one ($20 per team); the expansion league would be a freebie.


Commissioner LC

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In case you still had trouble finding this thread -- here it is. Right now we have 9 of 10 owners signed up from last year: me, Blackhawk Pat, BeatleJay, Booyah John, The Quiet Assassin Mitch, Cyrus Erie Rick, Tiggsherby Harry, Spotlight Laura, Vox Pop Keith/Tom, and ZAP Joe. So... c'mon in!


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Hey Rick,

You have been invited back to rejoin bigpoppalc's custom league in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. This invitation is only valid for the Yahoo! Id you used last season; if you have changed Yahoo! Id's, please contact your commissioner, as you will need a new invitation.

In order to join the league, just follow the link above.

We will send you a confirmation with further details once you have completed the registration process.

--Fantasy Football Commissioner


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