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Chicago HOB: Best One Ever


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Eric Carmen said:

Finished as in "done","stick a fork in 'em", "finis", "over","come to an end","been there, done that, got the t-shirt."

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the brutally frank, yet definitive answer to my question. The three times I saw you and the band during the 2005 - 2007 reunion gigs (B.B. Kings (second show), Atlantic City, and the first at the Highline Ballroom) I had the feeling something that good couldn't last. As great as those gigs were, I'm sorry I was right.



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Eric Carmen said:

Finished as in "done","stick a fork in 'em", "finis", "over","come to an end","been there, done that, got the t-shirt."

That being said, thanks again for the reunion 'tour', and I hope you had some fun along the way. It was for your fans. Hope to see your solo shows sometime soon.

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So, what you're saying is the band is:

Boinked (Slang for bounced)
Kaputt (You should know what that is)
Slammed, (like putting a top on a 'pressure cooker' that people use to cook vegetables and only steam comes out the top).
Stuffed (As in put that thing where you want it..I guess that really leaves a lot to the imagination).
Muffed (I hope I'm not making up a word- As in the lid is put on it).
Reamed (A little 'pokey', because they've gone through it all).
Sexed out (Hey, I just thought of that moments ago-- As in, "Let me recover", because I'm just beginnig to "Rev-it-up."

Uh, humm. Well, I have go swimming and to buy a book. (Trying to keep a straight face).


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No way I could pick just one as the "best"... the first Cleveland show was a dream. My first time ever seeing Raspberries live, I was like a teenager again. Met lots of you wonderful folks at that show. Pretty sure I didn't take a breath after Eric sang the first note ! :)

Chicago was BEAUTIFUL ! Cold, yes, but the heat was ON at the HOB that night.

It was a dreamy, very " castle-like" venue, and the band was PERFECT !

BBKings...both shows were AWESOME !

But of all the shows I was able to attend, I think my favorite Raspberries show was L.A. I can't really put my finger on why....pretty sure it wasn't the crowd surfer :blink:... but a great time/concert/memory !!

But then, really....I'd give anything to have a do-over of any of them !! :D

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At the Chicago HOB show. I've been to many concerts and thats as close to a perfect show as I've ever seen. Can only imagine the energy the early shows must have generated. Even Eric cracked a smile during the "radio" simulation of overnight sensation... wonder if he was having one of those "good as it gets" moments...

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