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Different or Interesting Hobbies?


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So, what do EC fans do for a Hobby?

I'll start.

I have raised Tropical Fish almost my entire life.

I am a member in good standing of the IFGA (International Fancy Guppy Association). My wife traveled with me to a IFGA show/conference during our anniversary weekend a couple of years ago. What a sport!

Right now, I am raising Black Veil Angelfish. These below aren't mine, but this is what they look like:

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I can never find exactly what I'm looking for in stores. Sometimes I think what I would like to have exists only in my mind so I make most things myself.

So I bead weave jewelry, crochet and sew clothes and purses, curtains, throw pillows, rugs, etc...

Furniture shopping is a trip to the lumber section of Lowe's. I build my own tables and bookcases--don't you love that power tool section? smile I'm almost ready to attempt a sofa frame.

Gardening is another love of mine. I recently found an old tiller (a "plow", to my grandfather). It's the kind that will pull you across the street if you're not careful. eek

It's been a few years since I used one so I'm practicing with flower beds until spring so I'll be ready for a vegetable garden!

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I collect "CATS", I'm not trying to do it, but I swear every homeless cat within a 100 miles of me knows where to come to get a meal and a pat on the head....I had a pregnant female give birth in my recycle bucket :yikes: I took her and the kitties to the vet...the kitties were nursed and adopted out, and the mama cat was spayed and returned home with me....She is now my "guard" cat....she lives outside under my orange tree

For the record...I have 2 indoor kitties, and my son's Black Lab Circle

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I've collected comic books and baseball cards since childhood. It seems people either have the "collecting gene" or they don't. My favorite thing to collect is Wacky Packages stickers (an unopened pack of which appears in my avatar). I've been in that hobby for 10 years now, most fun I've ever had (until my son was born).

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i have quite a few:

- restoring antiques being thrown out

- make furniture (especially little foot stools and crates made from discarded pallets)

- Make walls signs (from scrap wood)a la "Home Sweet Home", but using sayings often spoken by family members...

- cooking

- kite flying

- creating learning vocal trax for my barbershop chorus

- fishing, camping

- bird watching and log-keeping

- playing snooker

- doing laundry, cleaning the house ( I actually enjoy it almost always)

- writing (life-experiences in music) for the Barbershop Society Magazine

- Scripting and staging stage shows

- dancing

- Texas Hold'em

- Hiking, canoeing

- reading

-acapella music, singing, learning music theory (finally after 35 years!!!)

Hence, I do not watch TV.....


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Hi, My name is Steve, Virgo...I like keeping myself in fine, fine shape for the ladies. I play a little guitar, and love quiet evenings with my hi-fi and a special someone...if this sounds good to you...."Take my Haaaaand! Understand...and Float float float...float onnnnnnn...."

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