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Your Most Embarrassing Moment On Stage?


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I have two:

1) I had my whole band whack me in the face with (4)pies at the end of a song...I never saw it coming!

2) I was asked to come up on stage to sing and play bass on Road House Blues (Doors)....this is a song you cannot screw-up...every musician who has ever played regularly can play this in their sleep...

I was handed a 5 string bass....I had never played one....the song is in the Key of E...A 5-string bass adds a bottom (lower thicker string)....that is tuned in D.....I played THAT extra string in stead of the E, which is now the 2nd string on the 5-string bass....

I played EVERY "E" as a "D"///and every other note wrong too....didnt even know it till the guitar player was laughing so hard he had to run over and tell me....we were at the end of the song by this time...

However in my defense, miraculously I sang it in the right key... ;)

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I could guess what one of them might have been. This incident is recounted in Marathon Man. At one of the Roxy shows that I was attending, Eric muffed the long version of the solo in All By Myself, so he just made something up until right before the big drum crash, where he jumped back in. That was a very memorable night!

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It wasn't onstage, thank God, but it was at a rehearsal for a concert for The Sons of Italy and dedicated "Alle Mamme" for Mothers Day and almost got me fired. The conductor was Italian and had just arrived--right off the boat, so to speak. The orchestra couldn't understand him at all and especially when he announced rehearsal letters. Every letter was announced as "Litera (bruhhh). We'd be asking, P? B? C? D? He was getting very annoyed and progress was slow because of this. The orchestra was getting tired and the conductor was getting extremely frustrated.

My friend Mike (the comic) started mumbling about "Scallopine, canneloni and antipasto" and other Italian foods. It just struck me funny and I couldn't help myself--I laughed out loud--VERY loud" and couldn't stop.

The conductor shook his fist at me and yelled "Why you laugh while I'm-a work???!!!" Then the whole orchestra laughed, except of course, Michael, who began looking around with a quizzical, completely innocent look on his face. Like the guy who causes an accident and then asks, "Has there been an accident?"

I tried to stay completely anonymous the rest of the rehearsal and made it through without getting fired.

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