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What Was The Last Song You Wrote?


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Eric,What and when was the last song you wrote and published. It still amazes me that throughout the reunion that a new song never started fire. I just can't imagine the four of you guys in a room rehearsing with no sparks for a new tune. By sheer accident I would have bet on it happening. I would guess Vegas even had odds on it! During a break you start dancing on the piano keys, Wally backs it up with a guitar riff, Dave starts pounding a bass line, Jim jumps in with his foot to the pedal..

Then I start thinking about after the reunion and everything that happened. I would think that somewhere in there there had to be an inspiration for a song or two? With the lyrical and musical talent within you I would think that when you piss it comes out a freakin' melody! I maybe know two cords and I've got songs dancing in my head all day long. Just don't have the talent to finish anything.

Why the long absence on the next song?

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