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My ABSOLUTE favorite Raspberries Video Clip


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I like the knowing eyebrow arching at 3:50 when Eric doesn't use the f-word on television, as well as the Lennonesque forgetting of the lyrics at 4:53.....great TV all around!

Ok, huh???---the F word as in OH FUDGE, but not quite OH FUDGE?


I still haven't gotten over what the middle eight of "Let's Pretend" means...let alone finding out that "Go All The Way" isn't about making out.

I don't want to be scarred for the rest of my life. wink

But I can agree...I sooooooooooooooooo love this clip. Esp. the first song. heartpump

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Paul, thanks for posting this. I have heard a version of these two songs run together before, but not this particular one.

This probably belongs in a new thread, but here's a question for those of you who are musicians yourselves: Do you have a favorite song of EC's that you like to play when you're just sitting and playing for your own enjoyment? I can play a number of his tunes, but I think Let's Pretend is my favorite to just sit at the piano and play; the melodic contour and the chord progression are what does it for me, I think. (And of course, the lyrics.)

What about you guys and gals who are musicians - what EC song do you most like to play on your instrument?

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Guest Fresh

I remember watching that show the first time it was broadcast. When Eric began singing "Starting Over", I remember thinking, how in heavens' name is he gonna' say "F" on national television? Well, he just glossed right over it! Also, I really don't think he forgot the lyrics at the start of the 2nd verse. I'll bet he's never forgotten lyrics! Great video. I wish there was a complete set of every TV appearance collected on dvd. What a keepsake it would be.

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Ahhh...the beautiful slow ballad version of "Let's Pretend!" Lots to love!


So true Bernie.

You know...most of you don't know this but...here goes..."Let's Pretend," especially this version, is my favorite song.

I know...I can hear the gasps now. :yikes:

Not sure why I had never mentioned it, but I suppose I'm in a sharing mood tonight. grinwink

Thanks again Paul for the clip. I need to listen to it...one more time. heartpump

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