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Happy 70th Birthday!

Eric Carmen

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Hi, Ringo.

I just bought a DVD, last weekend, that includes extra music and commentary. It originated on The History Channel: Russia and The Beatles: A Brief Journey[i actually started typing Bat...Battles?] Well, you probably know it's on the Paul McCartney In Red Square DVD. I have to watch again as I was on the web, too. But I was really surprised that some people in Russia didn't know which Beatle was who, because their names weren't on the albums back then. Just 'The Beatles'. Bootlegs- copies- too, I think they said, because it was impossible to get albums there. They wanted anything Beatles.

I learned one of your songs and I was surprised that someone at a local guitar shop knew the song without singing-"This Boy"(Ringo's Theme). I knew I could hear the guitar tones better because the chords keep repeating. I was checking out the acoustic/cord hook-up guitars and it was beautiful when they hooked it up to the speaker which stood about 4 1/2 feet above the floor with its' own sound adjustments.

I think Paul plays this week in San Francisco, July 10th.

See, I do think about you guys. Probably because I'm also learning from the songbook: "The Beatles Best":Second Edition which added the song all four of you wrote-"Free As A Bird".

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Last night, Ringo played Radio City Music Hall in New York to celebrate his 70th birthday and to surprise him, Paul McCartney showed up and did an impromptu version of "Birthday" with the band as the encore. You could see Ringo was very moved and it gave me goosebumps when the song ended and Ringo left his drum kit and hugged Paul.

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Saw Ringo last Saturday in Atlanta, then Paul in Salt Lake City Tuesday. Both living Beatles within 4 days!!! Great!!!

Now, Eric, when I can book plans to see you? Soon I hope....maybe when the leaves are changing?

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