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Moon age 1.2=second moon =Futsukazuki

second moon

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Second moon, not ready until about three weeks, maybe before.

I have a sixteen track keyboard, and it can do a full orchestra sound, or less instruments, like a band playing.

People like the Big Band I sing from the song you mentioned.

I want to do more styles in one song, but not sure if that will work: Big Band singing, R&B music style, Pop style and maybe Rock.

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I wait very quietly

You never keep me waiting and don't make me sad like Eric

I went to hear a performance of Piano Man again

The day he played Ready Take A Chance Again for the first time

Because he promised with me last time

He played Long Train Runnin' of Doobie Brothers very well this time


I got to know with one Raspberries fan

Actual Raspberries fan


We talked about music of Eric

He waited for return of Eric, too

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Full moon most beautiful throughout the year tonight

The interpretation of the moon seems to make a great difference in the Orient and the West

For example, it is said that there is a magical power on the moon in the West, and a feeling for fear of the moon is strong, and there is a legend that mind is out of order when I bathe in moonlight

There does not seem to be the image that is too good for the moon, and is indispensable to a fear novel; is done. "The witch" is the story that a full moon and moonlight act on "werewolf" and "Dracula"

On the other,the Orient,the warm,poor story that the moon thought that it was a splendid thing,the cleanliness among other things in Japan,and seemed to be "The Moon Princess" and "a rabbit of the moon" were born

The Japanese felt admiration and friendly feeling and romance not fear on the moon

The noble composed poetry while people felt elegance in moonlight,and admiring form of the month that changed every day

The farmer decided the time of the farming while looking at the form of the month

The moonlight was night going out and a reliance of the work

The people knew it well from old days

Tidal bulge caused by the moon's gravitational pull and

influence to give a person and the body of the creature

We arrange a Japanese pampas grass in a vase tonight and make offerings of "otsukimidanngo" to the moon and enjoy the beautiful moon


Quietness and the excitement of the heart to feel when I looked at the moon, joy and sadness and painfulness

I feel it in some music of Eric in the same way as it

I don't understand it for some reason

Like a perfect full moon

Without a piece of cloudiness to Eric

If I can have love and a feeling of the respect

No matter how I will be wonderful

But I don't have them on present me

second moon is the same as before

As for Eric

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It is the night of the new moon

And it will be â€futsukazuki" tomorrow evening

However, there are some pains and sadness in EC .com

Does Eric notice it?

Or are you seized with only your sadness?

About "One side and..."

The fifth album "Eric Carmen" is hardly known in Japan

I found such a youtube

The animated cartoon Japanese

I don't like it

But the image of the Japanese animated cartoon being used in this famous tune which is hardly known in Japan

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Oh, second moon, you talk about the filmmaker, James Cameron. I know someone whose sister worked with him, as she is a director herself who was learning more. I had a chance to meet her and talk about film, and music for film.

I want to do music for film, too.

I have been busy with other countries. So today, I work more on music.

It now looks like it will be original songs.

The reason is that I want to put them on a music site.

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Do you become the topic about a product in U.S.A. on the next time of James Cameron?

There is a meaning in he who is a Canadian produces the movie, and showing it in the whole world very much

Last year

Director Philippine

showed the movie of the Pacific Wars

It is very wonderful

The movie is not famous in Japan

It is a then true love story

The Japanese officer protected Vigan Ctiy with his philippine child and wife

And the miraculous town is a world heritage


second moon looks forward to hearing your singing voice

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second moon's

Just talking all by myself...

Super dooper lonely on board LOL

But beautiful music and some wonderful friends make me happy

Not Eric

But Eric

The solar image why â€Kinkaku" shines in gold

But â€Ginkaku" does not shine in silver

Is a Japanese national treasure; a world heritage

"Ginkaku" which was built 500 years ago

This building was calculated closely to watch the moon, and it was built

Processing caught the moonlight to an outer wall, and to glisten was given

A window to watch the moon

A pond to let the moon float

What a wonderful building

I am interested in meaning very much in this building

Find the change of heart of the person on the moon

Isn't it romantic

David Foster did a Japanese performance yesterday and today after an interval of 16 years

The morning of Monday

He made live performance in TV with charice and Peter Cetera

They were very faithful for a Japanese fan

They were very wonderful

But I am not their fan

When does Eric do a Japanese performance like them?

And it is Japan tonight

It is the second autumn viewing the moon

It is the thirteenth moon tonight not a full moon

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That's what I had kind of assumed.... The reason I asked is because my oldest lives in Tokyo. He was teaching at a University there , but has gone back to school himself for his Doctorate.

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Very much so! Being able to text & skype make it easier.

He attends Waseda University

He came home for his brothers wedding last month so I was able to see him then.

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Super dooper only lonely second moon's

talking to all by myself

second moon night tonight


I cannot meet you and am lonely

I feel difference with you and your famous tune dozens of years ago

I cannot help listening

I am sad

The Japanese David Foster fan is very happy

I will watch such a scenery next week;

and ...

I will take a bath in such a hot spring;

and ...

I will eat such a dish;

Change in winter from autumn in a season

The Japanese beautiful scenery of this time resembles a thing of music of Eric closely very much

I intend to go to breathe beautiful air

I want to go with Eric

But I go with some friends

OK, how will

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Thank you, second moon, for giving us a glimpse into some spectacular seasonal changes from Japan. I love seeing the pictures, and hearing about your culture and lifestyle!

From the foliage to the food, everything looks so clean, and beautiful, with such attention to detail! There is a popular saying here in the USA, that one "eats with the eyes first".

I must agree when I look at the photos of the scenery and food from Japan...It is all so very appetizing, I'd love to devour it all!

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Super dooper only lonely second moon's

talking to all by myself

Every year in November, tourists flock here from all over the country to admire the beauty of the autumn leaves

In autumn, the forests turn red and yellow

When you look at Japan's autumn scenery, you can't help but notice the astonishing variety of hues

Most mountainous areas in Japan have a nice balance of evergreen and deciduous trees

This has to do with Japan's wide variety of vegetation

It's this that creates the beautiful, multi-coloured autumn scenery

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Since ancient times, the Jpapnese have deeply appreciated the beauty of autumn leaves

The autumn tints are mentioned many times in The Tale Of Genji、 heartpumpblushwritten in the early 11th century 

Emperors and court aristocrats would sometimes make trips into the mountains to view the leaves a custom known as Momiji-gari literally 'maple hunting'

By the 16th century, Momiji-gari had spread to the common people

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Thank you

andie & elle

The photograph has disappeared


I was able to watch the 14th very beautiful moon Sunday night

I was not able to watch a full moon last night

Because it was rainy

I was able to watch the moon of the beautiful morning when it disappeared before being depressed because it was fine

How about the sky at you?

I show the photograph which I photographed this time

I was able to watch such a scenery and such a scenery last week at the same mountain (same day!)

They were very beautiful

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