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Moon age 1.2=second moon =Futsukazuki

second moon

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This is Japanese India-ink drawing "Futsukazuki" drawn around 100 years ago.

It is the next day of the new moon.

The yellow that is very light so that sunk solar brightness is still left.( It is difficult to watch both the color and the form with this picture.

Of the sky a slight moon can watch it approximately midmost.)

The west moon thin very thin in the sky.

I can watch it only in time when I do not reach only 30 minutes.

The moon which swells out little by little.

The first minimum existence is moon age 1.2.

It is impossible to be small existence more than this, but it is not the existence that it cannot watch like the new moon.

There can watch it surely.

Minimum breathing.

Futsukazuki is Eric who can watch it from me.

I can watch it just a little beautifully at all distantly.

Eric in me is too beautiful from such a reason.

And possibly it is that I may not like present Eric to think these days.

It makes me sad.

But I do this post because I think that Eric should know that there is a fan like me surely.

I have respect to Eric and love.

It is very difficult to join your state politics, economy, religion, racial discrimination,

gender discrimination, the topic of the crime for me.

(The influence of the economy of your country is very big in the other countries)

You be so in the other countries.

And I may talk about the moon.

I love that I watch the moon.

I think that the moon is very beautiful in your country.

Like everybody who tries that I change an avatar bravely.

Please know the avatar of the new second moon.

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This is a record of Eric whom I bought 30 years ago

My treasure

This record is the best album to the third album

But I think that this is not the best album which anyone recognizes

Everything and Runaway and Desperate Fools are not included

I choose 3 tunes that will come off not to mention me instead

...All By Myself...

I listened to this music for the first time 30 years ago

I was shocking

But it is just these days that I came to understand a meaning from experience

I am not true solitude, but feel terrible loneliness

A few wonderful members reading my poor post

I thank you heartily

I'm gonna try a little harder


Sunset time, moon age1.2 of Tuesday

It is the moon which is very beautiful though it is very difficult that watch

It is the moment when it can watch the divine power that rises even if missing

I choose music of some Eric as BGM then

I am just one of sad Desperate Fools

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Second Moon, I was very deeply touched by this post. The feelings you describe are what I have often felt while listening to Eric's music. Sometimes, you hear a song when you are young and it becomes somewhat different when you are older. The song remains the same, it is our interpretation that changes. Please don't ever stop sharing Second Moon!

PS - Your new avatar is just too cute for words!!

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Thank you missm

I'm gonna try a little harder again


Japanese rainy season was over on Saturday

And very hot summer came over

I heard all albums of Raspberries for the first time in this March

"Starting Over"

I heard this same name different tune by John Lennon in real time in '80

Our life together is so precious together

We have grown, we have grown

Although our love is still special

Let's take a chance and fly away somewhere alone

... that ... is sooo sad as for John said so to Yoko

And I was surprised to hear it by Eric Carmen recently very much

So sad, both

But there is the thing that only one is different

John Lennon released the music, and it has been cut off all ways in more than 2 months

I was influenced by death of Jhon Lennon greatly on my December 8

I remember the day 30 years ago clearly

"Starting Over" that John was not able to do it

"Starting Over" that Eric may do it many times during 30 years

Why did not Eric Carmen give a concert in Japan for 30 years?

Why did Eric Carmen only three pieces release an original album in 30 years?

Why did Eric Carmen return in my heart 30 years later?

I do not have the reason to know

If I can watch "Stating Over" of next Eric Carmen in real time

The all will become clear for me

Perhaps it is ...2011, Eric Carmen!

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Do you have hot Sunday, member of EC.com?

second moon went for a karaoke after an interval of several years yesterday

To do brokenhearted workmate cheerfully; with several people of the same room

Only two pieces of music of Eric was the music that was too hard for him both to cry

We sang a lot of Japanese music that you don't know

My favorite karaoke is "If we hold on together"

It was popular in Japan in about '90

Do the all of you sing with a karaoke?

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Very good writing, second moon. I wish I could write Japanese well.

You're right marathon mama. I've done Karaoke singing.

One time someone told me, really demanded, "This better be good". Well I had no intention of disappointing anyone there. Especially because of who I was singing. And I sang a Frank Sinatra song,"New York, New York". The man didn't realize how much I practice, and I did the song in Franks' voice. Another time, someone said, "Don't look, just listen. Do you hear that?"

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Thank you marathon mama

I think so that there are a lot of pleasant things besides a karaoke a lot in U.S.A.

Thank you Mike C

The next please try a singing voice of Eric if you do complete of Frank Sinatra

I must work every weekyday in our office

When I work, it is very important to keep good relations with work mates

I hear their lost love talk and must hear a few song (not good)

But it is not pain in them at all because there is a purpose to save a lot of money so that I go to the concert of Eric

I work earnestly without going to the restaurant without going for both shopping and a movie this summer

I don't understand it where on the earth Eric does a show for several days, but save the money that, anyway, therefore is enough

I buy an high ticket

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To dear Eric

With chaos absurdly, and the world overflows

Though it will be a full moon tomorrow

How are you?

I am interested in the beautiful Japanese words that already became the dead language now recently

Manyoubito believed

It is before it now more than 1300 years

When if there is the water of the agelessness and deathlessness on the moon, and they drink it, they can love lovers forever

The name of the water is "ochimizu"

And the name of the water came with "koimizu" by mistake several hundred years later

The meaning changed, too

To tears for lovers

In the history of long long literature

Words change, and a meaning changes, and time passes too much before long, and a meaning disappears for words, and, as for the beautiful words, it is it with a dead language

But second moon loves such a beautiful words

It will be what somebody covers the beautiful music of Eric over and over again, and it sings eternally, and is inherited

But Eric please sing while Eric lives

It is a request of second moon


Is a piccolo trumpet used for I REACH FOR THE LIGHT?

Is it a synthesizer?

A knowing person is here?

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Thank you "Meet The Beatles"

I was surprised

Are you Piano Man, too?

I listened to a performance of Piano Man that was a bar nearby with a friend for the first time last night

He played a lot of standard number

Beatles, Eagles, Chicago, Billy Joel, Eric Carmen, Boz Scaggs, Rupert Holmes, Elton John, Diana Ross, and more

And some Japanese music that you do not know

He practices "Ready to take a chane again" of Barry Manilow from now on, too

Because there was my favorite Don't Stop Me Now(Queen) in his repertory, I requested it

And I sang together, too

He said to me

"I cannot sing for you like Eric "


Do you sing like Eric for me?

If you upload it in a you tube, I may hear it

I look forward to it

Mike. C!

Genki Hatsuratsu Oronamin C!


Easy second moon's words

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Yes, I'm trying a few ideas and thoughts for a few songs. Hopefully a very good variation of one of his songs. Then I will do at least one.

I'm getting ready. Every day.

Also, I will record an original song. I have three in my mind so far. Maybe Rock.

Then I put it on a site that works with songs from singers.

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Mike C


It is futsukazuki of September tonight

September 18 is a birthday of Eric in the old calendar


And the season word of August of the old calendar is "futsukazuki"

And in autumn

Viewing the moon is performed grandly every year in Japan on August 15 and September 13 in the old calendar

It is September 22 and October 20 in the Gregorian calendar this year

A viewing the moon burger is sold in the McDonald only in September and October

Anyway, a full moon of September is the brightest in the Northern Hemisphere through the year from old days

second moon loves the moon throughout the year

The moon shines somewhere in the morning even at noon even if thin even if dark even if it is dark even if it is light

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Second moon, I think you say "Meets Beatles"

I think you say Eric's music Meets Beatles music.

Yes, I'm singing, but not recording. I practic every day. Maybe song called "Foolin' Myself", too.

Still working on music arrangement for Eric's songs.

Maybe I put short version of two or more songs on the Youtube recording. I promise it will be absolutely beautiful. I have a clear angelic like voice, too.

Even when I sang in a university choir, singing first and second tenor, my friends said they could pick out my voice, even with the other people singing. Soprano, Bass, etc. With 25 to 30 singers more.

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