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I'm Officially Retired


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missm, Thanks for the good wishes and I am getting used to "savoring" my new retirement. It was tough last night, surrounded by gifts from my 4th and 5th grade students, writing each a personal thank you note. A lot of tears for the 5th graders, who would be leaving me anyway, and even more for the 4th graders whom I would still have next year.

Very very sad. But I WILL go to their concerts and visit them during the year to encourage them to keep doing what they do so beautifully. It was a tough night though. It took me this long (a couple of weeks) to just get to the point where I could write out those cards.

I keep telling myself, "not a sad occasion, but a happy one that they cared enough to gift me with things I will always have to remember them by. My career isn't in the schools, it's in the hearts of the kids and they'll carry that with them, as I will carry the memories with me. Positive thoughts, Dar, positive thoughts... "-)

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I’m so glad I didn’t miss this thread!!

Congratulations, Darlene on your new chapter!...but I know you will miss teaching because you were so passionate about it. My lovely dad was a teacher, so I completely understand. Maybe you could give private tuition if you miss teaching too much. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy whatever life has waiting for you now.

You deserve the best and I hope every day brings wonderful times. spin

All the best and CONGRATULATIONS !!

Lots of love, Julia & Stevie xx

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Thanks, Julia! XOXO

Having friends like you makes what life has waiting in store all the more fun and exciting. I'll have enough time to visit Merrie Olde England now, and when we do, we'll definitely come and visit you and Stevie!

We love you!

:)--Love, Dar

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Good one, Rob. That's okay, I may need Julia and Stevie to vouch for us so they'll let us in. A friend of mine who is a retired music professor lives there part time now. His wife lives and works there and he conducts and sings in some celebrated musical groups at Oxford. He's never had a problem going back and forth, but the last time he wasn't allowed in the country. It seems they're becoming very stringent on whom they let in and Roger accidentally filled out his papers incorrectly. He had to go all the way back to the US till he could straighten out his paperwork. Poor guy. Oh well, because he was here, he was able to attend our last Central Jersey Symphony concert. He was our conductor until he retired.

So, if you get a call from us, Julia and Stevie, talk them into letting us in!


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