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I'm Officially Retired


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I did it! As of today, I am officially retired from my position as string specialist and will be a full time violinist.

It was a very difficult decision to make, because I truly love the kids and love teaching strings. However, education now faces the toughest challenges I've ever seen, and I wanted to play full time while I'm still young enough to do it successfully, so... I took the plunge!

I take with me 42 years of treasured memories of dazzling moments with students and cherished time with students and teachers and principals who will always be the closest friends. I hope to keep up with my former colleagues, who are like family, and my former students who are like my own children, on Facebook and through visits.

It's a bittersweet circumstance, but, having made the decision, I am really excited about the new life that awaits me.


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Guest Fresh

Darlene, may you enjoy all of your retirement in good health and in doing the things that you enjoy. God Bless. Rob

PS - I'm envious! I wish I could retire!!! haha

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Freedom to play the violin full time (I thought you played the cello?)

Also, freedom to privately teach any students you want to teach one on one, if you still want that teacher-student contact!

Or you can start a conservative blog!

The World Is Yours, Ms. Montana!

Whether you pull out your stings,

or pull out your pen,

It's, "Say hello to my little friend!"

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Thanks SO VERY MUCH, friends, for your well wishes!!! I'm already enjoying this more than I ever thought I would.


In fact, TWO of them! (Pension and Social Security).

Of course, you have to allow for the contributions I made to them, but it's STILL a "gub-ment" check.


Love, Dar

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Congratulations Darlene!

You have given your gifts and talents to many students in both New Jersey and Illinois....(yeh, you almost forgot that one!)....Best of luck in doing what you want to do at this stage of life!



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Thanks again, everyone, for the great wishes. You are all so terrific! I'll have more time to join you on the board now without those late 3 AM nights! :-)

I didn't forget about Illinois, Phil! I never could! How could I ever forget Illinois, especially when you and I had dinner at the Hotel Pere Marquette and stayed there overnight. And went parking in Germantown Hills on GRANDVIEW DRIVE !!!

(Of course, we didn't do that *TOGETHER* because we didn't even know each other then. But we DID do it--separately.) haha

My Illinois teaching days are the fondest memories I have of my career. In fact, Herman and I are seriously thinking of retiring to ROANOKE, IL again! It's a beautiful little farming community and there IS the Peoria Symphony, not to mention the Chicago!


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