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marathon mama

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Trying to get caught up here after an absence is like rowing against the current of new posts coming in! If I get behind I usually start with the week-old ones. But if there are long threads, I can never catch up quickly enough because of my curiosity about the "today" posts.

I'd hate to miss some good threads, and even if I eventually read them, I feel less able to comment on them since they are out-dated to the rest of you (and you would have to spend time refreshing your memories.)

Even though I am still not caught up on the old posts, I want to keep current on the new ones. I guess I will have to try harder to log on more often!

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I know exactly where you're coming from. When I miss for awhile, I usually end up replying to something and then read on and realize it's an old thread. Rather embarrassing, but it happens to me all the time.

Little by little, you'll get there...


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darlene and marathon mama, sometimes an old post needs to be resurrected! You respond to whatever interests you and maybe others have comments, too. In my case, it was said that I should be spanked for reviving a particular thread. It made me laugh when it was said!!

In other words, go for it ladies!!

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Tony Cartmill said:

I find that if you just click on my profile and then click on my recent posts...that's really all you need to read. You are up to date. The rest is just filler yapping about how dreamy Eric's hair/eyes/lips/cigarette/...is/are. :D


Just to clarify. I have never called a cigarette "dreamy." No-no.

I believe I stated that said cigarette was a "lucky" cigarette...therefore being faaaaaar better off than an average cigarette, or one that is somehow, "dreamy."

Even tho' I've never smoked...I am a cigarette connaisseur.

Righty then...that's all. :)



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