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Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?


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I'm surprised that anybody really takes the R&RHOF that seriously.

This organization does not represent the music industry (however that would be defined), the artists or the fans. It's a handful of critics who decide on whose inclusion will fill banquet seats and generate PR for the museum.

Who cares what they think, like or want? It's nice, but does it really matter? Not a bit. The only reason it gets attention is because it's the only game in town. That doesn't make it a good or fair game.

Many of the artists state openly that they don't care about it at all.

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If a small group of people like the registered users of this site choose to regularly generate conversation about it, you can bet that there are similar conversations going on at every other eligible band's website. The ego-based experience of having 'my team win' will keep it going.

Lot's of people love it. Whatever.

Here's a thought:

When a painter creates a 'masterpiece' she or he sells it to someone and maybe makes it available to a museum for display (via the owner.) If they're popular their prices go up. Their fame may endure the test of time... or not. Painters don't get awards.


The R&RHOF is all hype. Love the artists you want to. Tell your friends. Tell the artists. Go to a museum if you want or need to, but don't think that induction into the HOF is important to the music. I hope, for their own emotional health, that more artists see it this way and that they don't hang they're sense of artistic worth on the whims of Jann Wenner.

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Alice Cooper and Kiss.. they both were breaking loose as I was a senior in high school in 75. Neither was my stage vibe, BUT, back then it was not uncommon to love a song coming off my 65 Mustand AM Delco radio with no idea what the band or artist looked liked.

April 75, last day of high school, my buddy says I'm driving today, I say OK, and he says I have a special cassette I made for you, cool, but we can't play it until the way home. OK. So we jump into his Chevelle after school and he puts on "Schools Out" and I thought great song. Favorite line, "we can't even think of anything that rhymes".

Later that summer "Rock and Roll All Night" came out and I loved it long before I knew what Kiss looked liked.

Bottom line. A good song/perfomance is good, without the Entertainment Tonight personality angle.

They both belong in the Rock.

So does EC. ABM is our Yesterday.

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