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Most Underrated Raspberries Tunes


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As much as all of us love these tunes, it's hard to identify underrated ones, but here goes:

1. Rose Colored Glasses

I think this is a great song both musically and lyrically.

I especially love the passage: "As I grow a little more, wondering what this all is for, and the brass ring is slipping away..." What a beautiful description of the way we all feel a little later in life when we finally have to acknowledge we're really never going to be a major league baseball player, a rock star or whatever. The chorus reminds me of "Pictures of Matchstick Men." I think it's a little underrated because it's not an EC song.

2. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine

I remember someone else on the board touting this a while back. Sometimes I neglect songs simply because I like to listen to albums in order, so tunes near the end of an album sometimes get buried. This is another great EC vocal performance, blockbuster chorus, a fantastically composed lead guitar part. A little underrated I think because of being on the last album and buried toward the end.


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1. On the Beach

Sound effects, the reverb tone of Wally plucking those chords, a true youthfulness and a killer middle 8 makes this one way underrated. This song really takes you to Raspberryland.

2. Last Dance

Along the same lines of "Should I Wait": a great pop tune with a seamless country crossover flavor. Maybe should have gone down that road as a last ditch attempt for survival?

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I Reach for the Light is definitely my favorite non-charting Raspberries tune. Don't Want to Say Goodbye is the biggest single charting disappointment, but glad to hear it was a hit in Holland! Another one, Let's Pretend, while it charted only at #35 in Billboard with 7 weeks in the Top 40, fared quite differently in Cash Box magazine. There it reached #18, and held that position for 2 weeks! Not only that, but it actually spent the same number of weeks in the Top 40 as did Go All the Way, 12 weeks!

I could do a whole other thread on how Billboard undercut the Raspberries, and I think I will!

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Seattle Steve said:

Jimmy should have walked into a Capitol boardroom and championed If You Change Your Mind as the third single off of Fresh.

I could not agree more. That is a beautifully crafted song. It might have benefitted for airplay with an instrumental intro....but remains a prefect song to me!

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