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WMMS: The Buzzard


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David Spero was one of the original disc jockeys at now legendary Cleveland radio station WMMS. At that time, radio was free-form, meaning that the DJs could play music of their own choosing, which meant David (seen in the top photo with Eric) played Eric Carmen.

"We were playing the music we loved to hear," Spero said. "It was unorganized chaos that worked. There were no rules, nothing to pattern ourselves after. What we did was kind of cool. The fact that it turned into a huge commercial success was despite everything we did."

These three previously unpublished photos were taken on November 19, 1979 during a local swing through Cleveland radio stations while Eric was publicizing the release of his third solo album, "Change of Heart."


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Cans back then were not one piece aluminum as they have been for the last few decades. The can bodies were light steel, and the end caps were aluminum. It was not totally uncommon to have the can 'flipped' during the manufacturing process and end up with the pull tab on the wrong end of the can.

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Everything back then was "Thou shalt not....!"

I'm a firm believer in "Thou shall...." Nothing is off limits if it brings people pleasure. I don't believe in "sin." Like Nitszche, I believe sin was something that priests created to keep themselves in power. They took every natural human impulse, and made it a sin. Without "sin", who would need priests?

Sex is bad, gluttony is bad, envy is bad, sloth is bad......

I love sex, I love great food, I can't help but envy my neighbor who has a beautiful wife and a big house, I like to sleep in on Sunday.....For all these natural desires, I now need the redemption of a priest.

Why would God create us, and then saddle us with a plethora of natural instincts that were in direct opposition to what he wanted?

I think the priests saw that they could make us feel guilty about every natural urge, and used that to their advantage for power and control.

Just my two cents.


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Eric Carmen said:

You're givin' me a case of the "vapors"!

Mr. Carmen, if I'm invited to join your harem :wub: , I think I have just the thing to cure your case of the "vapors"...

...Of course, I'm speaking from a medical standpoint ;)...

I just hope your age limit isn't 19 :angry: !

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