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Eric...I asked my two boys...18 and 24 to take me to "Toy Story 3" today at 11:00 a.m. before going out to lunch for Father's Day.

Eric-we're about the same age...and grew up on many of the same things.

I've ALWAYS loved certain cartoons.

The Warner Brothers' stuff..Bugs..Daffy..Foghorn...Yosemite Sam..Tweety and Sylvester...and today I really like Family Guy.

And some of this Pixar stuff is OUTRAGEOUS!!! IMHO!

Are you a fan of any cartoons?

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Many of the old cartoons were quasi-brilliant. They could entertain on 2 levels.

The first was how they entertained me as a little kid with the cartoon's "straight" storyline. On a second level they entertain me as an adult with their spoofs and satire and overall funny references to things of the world that only knowledgable adults can catch. I love old cartoons!

That period really was a creative period. They entertained without resorting to cheap dirty stuff that so much comedy relies on now.

This is a little unrelated, but lately I've watched some of the old Jack Benny shows. I'd never seen them before as they were before my time. But they make me laugh! And they're completely clean!

Anyway, on the old cartoons, I'm with you Ira!..


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You are right on. I remember when I was a kid the adults in the theater audience laughing along with the kids at the cartoons. Those writers, artists and voicers (I'm not sure that's a word) were truly brilliant, funy and clean.


Thanks for the enjoyable, nostalgic moment. Your posts are like a happy pill and good for our mental and physical health.


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I also sometimes see the Disney Channel. Bow Chika Bow(x2)...

Gitchi(x2) Goo... I'm always sympathizing with Candace.

I think that the song of Randy Newman is wonderful of the movie of Pixar.

BTW(I leran it :))

Why is Eric's the sixth album a name of WINTER DREAMS?

Because I'm a new listener, I don't know.

The tune of the name is not in the album.

ACCEPT in my loved Germany was performing the tune of the same name.

I loved ACCEPT in those days, Scorpions, Whitesnake, and Judas Priest.

Becuse they had sometimes performed Japan, I sometimes attended a concert with my friend. Eric's show was too few.

After that when listeing to Cartoon World for the first time, (three months ago) I was very surprised. It is Mario's game sound. I didn't understand Eric liked NINTENDO.Is it a charming message to the fan of some Japan,or not?

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