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The happiest of birthdays to a real gem !! spin May your birthday and everyday bring you good health, tons of happiness and lots and lots of love !! LuvLove

The “Queen of Clubs†is the card that rules your day of birth. Your card represents “Equilibriumâ€, “The essential balance of the universe. All was once in Equilibrium; one day, all will returnâ€.

“Queens†are the matriarchs. They are receptive, intelligent, intuitive, creative, strong, and dramatic. They are good at organizing and executing, but they can sometimes over-dramatize their lives.

“Clubs†are curious, communicative, creative. Courts are the suit of communication, ideas, People belonging to the Clubs suit believe in the power of intentions and ideas. They may be in love with words, they may search for the truth and for meaning. They rarely hold a grudge because they are able to rise above emotions and actions and find explanations or excuses for others' actions. On the negative side, they can use words as weapons, and they can finagle their way out of a jam with their clever minds by stretching the truth.

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Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. It means a great deal to me after being on here so long. I have been fighting viral pneumonia, two ear infections, and sinus issues for almost two weeks now and have been just wiped out. I have no been this sick in 25 years.

BTW.... I apologize to my baseball buddies for sherking my writing duties, but I'll eventually get caught up. It's hard to type when your head is on the groound!

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Yeah, I missed it too, sorry.

I'm not a hockey fan, but it was great to see the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, if only for the reason that a true blue fan (there are few of those left these days)...a true blue fan like Pat, who stuck with them thru thin... and thin, get's rewarded in the end!..



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