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Three Albums in One

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Well Paul, did it come in? We want to read one of your erudite reviews!..


I got it this afternoon, and just got through reading the cool liner notes. An excellent and thorough summary of Eric's career, both solo and Raspberries, replete with details I had not ever heard (though many others here have, I'm sure). It's an excellent package, and I can't wait until I can listen to the first album thoroughly and post my impressions.

My timing is amazingly lucky. I got into the Partridge family right after all the albums (except the last) had been released on CD after 25 years. And this package comes along right as I'm looking for these records. You can't make it up!

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After having listened to all three albums multiple times, I can say with confidence that the eponymous first solo LP is by far my favorite of the three! Really a masterpiece, 8 of the 10 songs I absolutely love, and the other two are not bad either.

"Sunrise" is my favorite, followed closely by "My Girl." "Everything" is a succinct beauty (any insight on the inspiration for the lyric?).

As for the other two albums, there are songs I love on both (Marathon Man, She Did It, Someday, Desperate Fools). Neither of these albums is as complete a package for me as the first. With "Boats," I absolutely respect and admire the blood, sweat and tears that I know went into it. Maybe the more ambitious songs require a longer time to digest, but at the moment, tracks 2 and 6 are by far my faves. I also love "Nowhere to Hide." I'm always amazed by the perfection of EC recordings. Whether I love a given song or not, it always seems like it's an exact replica of the original vision.

I thank the gods of music for making this package available. $25 for all of these amazing tunes has got to be the bargain of a lifetime!

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I spent an hour driving to and from a library yesterday evening, and listened to the first album in total. I agree, it's a masterpiece. That's not an overstatement.

"Boats..." is my favorite, but it's a very close call between "Boats.." and the first album.

Though, for high quality, melodic music - "Eric Carmen" (Arista) is genius, and the best album of alltime, or at least the best of any album I've ever listened to. IMHO..


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