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"Orioles' Demise"


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Has there ever benn a WORSE descension in Professional Sports than what has happened to the Orioles?

What a proud tradition...What a great Baseball City!

Once upon a time...If you loved the Yankees...You hated The Orioles.

Cuellar...Palmer...Powell...2 Robinsons...Cal Ripken...

Where is Andy Etchebarren when you need him today? wink


Can anyone smarter than me detail and explain their downward spiral?

I kinda only know how bad they are today.

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You're right Ira. There once was a time when I hated The Orioles way more than the Red Sox. I hated any team that would constantly kick the hell out of the Yankees. I must give them their due though. They certainly were a GREAT team from '69 up until '76. Four 20 game winners on one pitching staff??? Can you even imagine that today??? Jim Palmer, Mike Cuellar, Dave McNally, and Pat Dobson....Jesus Christ!!! Not to mention Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell, Mark Belanger, Paul Blair, Davey Johnson...etc. You know...looking at their team now...they do have some really good young players who aren't having a great season. They remind me of the very young Tampa Bay Rays....who I always said were gonna be real good. I remember saying that to my son about 5 years ago. I told him to keep an eye on The Rays. I knew it was only a matter of time before they would be giving the Yankees and Red Sox fits....and they sure are...right Paulie?? Lol. I must admit that Joe Maddon has done a tremendous job with The Rays.

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Tim, I believe Peter Angelos is the problem. He doesn't see The Orioles as a priority. He wouldn't even let Cal Ripken Jr. come back and help these kids. His reason? He didn't want Cal getting the credit if the team turned itself around. What a selfish bastard, huh?

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The O's ain't seen much luck or leadership in recent years... even great ideas like bringing in Leo Mazzone a few years back didn't help... they went way overboard signing older players and depleting a farm system... then dumping older players in a youth movement... the incident with Rafael Palmeiro testing positive for PED's didn't help either... And they are so mired in the AL East... even a ten or fifteen game improvement can't get them out of the cellar... they really need to follow the lead of Tampa Bay, draft good, sign the young talent early, and build... they have a few good youngesters at a nucleus but are for sure a few years away from anything resembling contention... IMHO... laugh

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